Emily Livingston
10/29/2012 12:27:36 am

We can clean the water and see whats making it dirty.we can teach peolpe how to clean therer water.we can take some of water up to the countries that dont have clean water.we can add chemicals in the water so the wter could get drinkable for the people in the other countries.some countries have dirt in the water so we can clean all there water so they can drink it.

Christian Stansberry
10/29/2012 12:30:56 am

By not wasteing the water that is giving to you. I can make a foundation for people that need clean drinking water. We can stop dumping clean supplies that have harmful chemicals that can pollut the water.

10/29/2012 12:31:11 am

I think that I could help by saving clean water so others can use it.

Aaorn Lund
10/29/2012 12:31:32 am

Alot of earths water is not fresh because not all the water is precipitated . Maybe some is hidden way underground and it cant be precipitaded.

kale durr
10/29/2012 12:31:43 am

75% of the earths surface is water but 20% of earths population dosent have clean water. my qustions are how can we help this? what countries are suffering from this? this would help me later in life if i ever wanted to get everybody clean and useable water

Christian Dinwiddie
10/29/2012 12:32:01 am

The 20% of people in the world that can't get water is because of where they live. If they can get water they can survive. If we can some how get water over there we can help a lot of people survive. If we can raise enough money we can get a lot of water over there and those people will be really happy and be able to survive these harsh times.

natalie barker
10/29/2012 12:32:17 am

Most people dont have safe water to drink becase the water is polluted. The water is pollutted becuase of fossil fules and other fules.Most fumes come from factories or car exasut.All thesse things pollute the water. Polluting the water makes the water drity and not safe to drink. We can help by opening less factories. Also by help clean up the trash around you.

Sarah Kavanaugh
10/29/2012 12:33:06 am

I'm going to tell you why 20% of people don't have clean water to drink even though the Earths surface is 75% water.
One reson they can't drink the water is because it's salt water. Another problem is that people are poluting are drinking water by dumping things in it and throwing trash in the water. People don't understand that they're actions are efecting other people.
If people would stop throwing and dumping things in the water then we would have more drinking water avalible.

Sarah Kavanaugh
10/29/2012 12:33:55 am

I'm going to tell you why 20% of people don't have clean water to drink even though the Earths surface is 75% water.
One reson they can't drink the water is because it's salt water. Another problem is that people are poluting are drinking water by dumping things in it and throwing trash in the water. People don't understand that they're actions are efecting other people.
If people would stop throwing and dumping things in the water then we would have more drinking water avalible.

Maddie Archer!!! =^)
10/29/2012 12:35:03 am

75% of earth is water but most of that water is saltwater. Saltwater is not fit to drink! There isn't much freshwater on earth. Some of that freshwater is polluted, so that limits the amount of freshwater we have to drink even more! Some people just don't have a well or any kind of stream or river to get freshwater from.
I can help this by not polluting the rivers or lakes. I can make sure and not leave the water running in the sink. I can also encourage other people to do these things.

kain mcdonald
10/29/2012 12:36:18 am

i thank 20% of the people are not giting water becoes some people dont have the thangs that dont clean the water they nead money to git it but they dont have money so they cant git won of them so they have to drik the nastey water in till they git the money 75% is giting used by the us and gerimeny they are git shepd arond the worled to git used we dont even use moust of that becoes of it gits wasted and than resicald agan throw the sikeled

Kristen Brawley
10/29/2012 12:36:31 am

The 20% of the people on this earth doesn't have clean drinking water and this how I can help! I can help by picking up trash around my neighborhood. Then I influence others to not dump their trash into the lakes or rivers or even oceans. I think they would understand if they were in the 20% of people who doesn't have clean drinking water there place. This is how I can help!

Tanner Bowman
10/29/2012 12:36:42 am

How can we help the water from getting dirty? Can we drink dirty water? How will that effect us? How does the water get dirty?

kali brown
10/29/2012 12:36:56 am

part of were some people live is why they do not have fresh drinking water. we could help the people learn how to clean the drinking water. to help we could stop putting toxice things in the water and help stop it so they can have drinking water.and we could put money in use to help give them water to survive.

Haley Alegria
10/29/2012 12:37:19 am

1) So people don't have access to clean water because they don't have filters or purifiers. So as you know my church is collecting money to help put filters or something like that for people to have good water like we do. People in need of the water and how I could help is pitch in so money to help the people in need of clean water.

2) What we can learn in class is what are the 20% of people who don't have good water like we do is so we could help them. I also want to know how come they do have water and its not clean like ours.

3) This could help me if I become a misionary and i could help these people that are in need of clean water.

10/29/2012 12:37:58 am

We could tell people not to throw trash in the water because then it would be clean and not have pollution in it.And if we keep the enviroment clean we could have better water and then we could be able to drink the water.and also we wouldn,t have to drink water with chemicals and pollution in it..and if we keep the water clean then alot of people would still be alive and so thats what i think of dirty water.

Lacey Lee
10/29/2012 12:38:46 am

We could teach the people who dont have clean drinking water how to clean it so that it is safe to drink and can add chemicals or something to clean the places where they get theyr water. Most of the reason people dont have clean drinking water is because they pollute it. if they had proper ways to get rid of trash and other things instead of throwing them into lakes or rivers they would have cleaner drinking water

Samantha Peebles
10/29/2012 12:38:51 am

Because 20% of the water on the earth is polluted the some people have to drink it, but when people drink it they get sick, and unfortunatly you have to have water to live. We could help these people by going their and cleaning it up so they wont get sick and could die!!!

james lathrop
10/29/2012 12:39:31 am

we can clean water by using filters.we can take water to places that dont have water.some people drink water with dirt and they can get sick.

10/29/2012 12:40:12 am

i help and so can other people just by not poluting the water such as the rivers ,the oceans, and it could even be a little mud puttle it dosent mater u just have to keep the water clean and dont polute it becase that is why 20%f people on earth dont get to drink healthy water becase people keep pouluting it . and i know just by throwing one little thing down on it can become a habbit and you can keep on and keep on and i really dont think that those waters will ever be clean agian so those 20% might even be more in the future but i dont think that the polutian will ever stop.what i want to know is why people do that there has to be a trash can somewhere around there they can throw there trash. and this can help us by just learning not to throw your trash down..........

Tessa & Alizabeth
10/29/2012 12:40:57 am

75% of the Earth is water,but not every one can get to fresh water. A lot of the Earth's water is polluted. Most of the 20% of people can get to polluted water. They can not get to fresh water. We can help this by not polluting water.

10/29/2012 12:41:18 am

Most people dont have safe water to drink becase the water is polluted People don't understand that they're actions are efecting other people.75% is giting used by the us in mexico te whole place is dirty so that means of course their whater would polluted and dirty

Promise Brooke Arnold
10/29/2012 12:42:31 am

I can help by keeping trash and other harmful things out of water recoures. and turn water off when not using it. and i can trow all trash in the trash cans and so forth. i can also, turn the the water off when i'm brushing my teeth. or when im cleaning the dishes
people in africa dont ave clean water. tehy have nasty water because they dont have water resources lik'e we do in the US. they also dont realy have a good aspect on diseases. they let there animals drink out of there water source. there is not enough money in africa to make water clean. so i can keep trash and other harmfull thaings out of our water to nothiung can get in other water sources. i can also help by rasing money to hlep pay for clean water where there is no clean water for peple to drink out of and cook with. And this is only a few reasons that i could help.

Austin Harris
10/29/2012 12:45:10 am

75% of the earth is covored with water ,but there 20% that is not drinkable. But if we were to build water purifier ,that 20% would go to 0%.

10/29/2012 12:46:34 am

we can give them morewater towers to store clean purifide water and give them some britta filters and some bottled water to help them survive

Emily R. Calton
10/29/2012 12:49:41 am

20% the earth population dosen't have access to clean safe drinking water. This is because they are living somewhere that dosen't have a water source unless they dig a hole deep enough that they can find water at the bottom. That water they dig up is dirty water that isn't safe to drink. Or people can find water, but if they find salt water it is not safe to drink. We can help by caring and giving, we can give water to people that need it like kids and adults in africa.

Tristen Taylor
10/29/2012 01:18:17 am

Most of the water is salt water in hati they live by a sea soo that is thier maine sorce of water but its not fresh the way we fix it is take fesh water to them that will fix are prblem but we have to send money to do that

Tony Difonzo
10/29/2012 01:18:26 am

We could take better care of our water by purifying it and making sure it's safe to drink. This could save a lot of lives and make the world a better place.

Cody D #32
10/29/2012 01:19:56 am

Because most of the earth is salt water and is not filtered. we can help by donating to people water filters and give them some clean drinking water from water bottles

Kayla Mcnellissuply
10/29/2012 01:20:24 am

I think I can help by saving water and not wasting the water around us. If we do this it will help supply water for other countries around us.

Riley Cathey
10/29/2012 01:20:24 am

I think that the 20% do not have clean water because either it is wasted, or the type of environment they live in do not have clean water because of the animals or humans contaminating it, or there is no water. I could help by not dumping waste into water resources, conserving water, and picking up trash near a resource. This could help you later in life to understand how needy the people without water are.

Jessica Keeling
10/29/2012 01:21:11 am

If we stop polluting we can save our animals and people that have to drink out our lakes, rivers, and oceans. So in order to help them we need to stop polluting because if they drink it then they we start to die. If they die then our population will get smaller, and smaller eventually we wont have anything left to help. SO STOP POLLUTING

10/29/2012 01:21:30 am

75% of people on earth are gitting fresh water but 20% of people arent so it efects there health

10/29/2012 01:23:17 am

20% of people in the world do not get freshwater because it is inaccessable to them. The people that live in deserts may not get any freshwater at al, so they would be lucky if they could get any water at all. People who live near the ocean probably do not get freshwater either because the oceans are made of pure saltwater. They might get freshwater from streams, but that water would not get filtered, and they do not have a good filtering system. They have to drink unfiltered water. America could help this matter by building water filtration plants in areas where freshwater doesn't circulate around much.

~Lexi prock~
10/29/2012 01:23:17 am

75% of the earth is water. 20%is not drikable. so how are we suppose to keep the 75%clean and drinkable??

Riley E and Chris C
10/29/2012 01:23:43 am

WeI think 20% of the world's population doesn't have safe water because other people are using toxic wastes and dumping whats left of it where they want. They could even be dumping it in the ground, but the chemicals still get into the water somehow. We could help by trying to produce new chemicals that are not harmful to earth's resources. Also prevent companies or individuals from pouring toxics into the ground or water.

3than :)
10/29/2012 01:23:59 am

we could purify the 20% of the water so there was more fresh water this could help in the future to save lots of lifes around the world.

Cooper 21 Keesling
10/29/2012 01:24:13 am

The water is polluted by many things and thats why its not safe to drink. What are the main things that pollute water? It would help to have more filter systems.

10/29/2012 01:24:29 am

I think i could stop poulting the rivers and streams and encouarge other people not to poulute . start driving electric cars . and save fresh water

Olivia Dill
10/29/2012 01:25:00 am

20% of water on earth is not fresh because it is used for things such as toilet water(suage),plants and animals have drunk/taken freshwater.Some of the freshwater is polluted with chemicals from cars, factories,etc...Wecan help by carpooling so we dont use our cars as much therefore not as much exhaust.We can also not purchase as many items so the companies wont have to make more.We need to be more careful on how we use our water because many people out there dont have access to freshwater.

Caleb little
10/29/2012 01:25:22 am

75% of water is alot of water but not all of it is fresh some of it is salt and has oil in it.it could be poluted. 20% of the people cant get fresh water because of these thangs its not fair for them so we should not polut or wast water.

Timarah stroh
10/29/2012 01:25:48 am

that 20% of our human popullation that cant get clean drinking water,cant get drinking water because of the location where they live and because they do not have filtering system for their water.I think we can help by helping them build a filter system so they can have fresh clean water that they can use to cook with,and drink,wash their clothes,and bathe.

Selmer Estenson
10/29/2012 01:26:40 am

We can help by shiping these people water. Or teach them how to catch rainwater or use water purifiers. Or we can bring them to countries that have water

Mya Epp
10/29/2012 01:30:54 am

20% of the earth's population has no access to fresh clean water because of the polution in the water, the polution causes the water to go bad, kill whatever is living in the water, and the water will taste bad if you drink it. The best way to help the water is to clean up all of the water, stop all the people who are poluting the water, and don't drain up all the water.

john morgan
10/29/2012 01:32:24 am

we can help by helping people geting water .

10/29/2012 01:34:50 am

The 20% of people on the earth that don't have clean drinking water here are some ways that we can help. We can stop polluting the water. We could keep the water clean. I wonder if they are sick a lot? I also wonder if they acctually drink the water? I think that if we keep the water clean they would have clean drinking water,and they it could keep them from getting sick.

sam boyd
10/29/2012 01:38:54 am

why dose 20% of earths population not have clean drinking water well most of the water is salt water and the rest usealy is poluted or has had something done to it by human activity sometimes i think we bring some of this stuff on our selfs if we wouldnt do some of the stuff we do we would have better and a lot more fresh water how are we going to fix it stop poluting stop doing the things we know are hurting us in some way and are afecting our life

Chanler 42 Higgens
10/29/2012 01:39:16 am

(1.) I know that 75% of earths surfice is covered by water because of oceans and magor lakes. 20% of people around the world do not have purifided water (contamanated). I now this because there are people without homes and some live in bad parts of the world.

(2.) I wish i new how to help clean there water.

(3.) I would help clean and puriphy the water so people can be helthyer and safer.


riley ward
10/29/2012 04:16:32 am

because where the 20% is they dont have for money to put in where lines.

tanner pippins
10/29/2012 04:17:09 am

because mostof the water is salt water how do i ]know because of all the oceans

10/29/2012 04:18:15 am

I know that most of earth is made of water and that some places have dirty water u could make it clean by purafiying it

10/29/2012 04:19:19 am

can leafless plates produce oxygen?
no, there are no leafs so there is no oxygen. i think we need to know this, o we can study how much oxygen is on earth.

10/29/2012 04:19:50 am

Most of our water is from oceans, lakes, and rivers. Not all of our water is clean because some people put trash in the water or near water and makes it nasty. There are lots of other reasons why the water isn't always clean.

katie clarke
10/29/2012 04:20:07 am

1. I know that 20% earth popaltion dont have clean drinking water.
2. I whunt to know why 20% he earth dont have drinking water.
3. To be able to know why and teach the kids that.

Katey Legan
10/29/2012 04:20:23 am

1.) I know that 75% of the Earth is made up of water but 20% of people have dirty and unsafe water.

2.) I would like to know why there water isn't clean.? WHat we can do to purify it.? How would that help.?

3.) It would help the people with unsafe water because it would clean it and then it would be safe again. If we knew why it isn't clean then we coukd porevent it from getting dirty after we purify it. ANd if we knew how that helped then maybe we would actually clean it.

Kyler Lindsay
10/29/2012 04:21:04 am

1) I knew 75% of earth is water because of oceans & major lakes.
2) I want to know how to help clean the water.
3) I would help them purify the water if I knew how to help.

zach faulkner
10/29/2012 04:21:31 am

we can stop throwing trash in the water and start picking it up.
and we can stop pollution by driving less.

Jacob Lowery
10/29/2012 04:21:47 am

I know that fresh water comes from precipitation and most anything can contaminate it like sewage,dirt,and some certain types of plants. We need to know how to stop this from happening so people stop dying from polluted water. This will help us prevent the countless and pointless human deaths that occur from polluted water.

Emmi Bailey
10/29/2012 04:22:39 am

This is why nearly 20% of the population does not have save drinking water. People keep litering in the rivers, so it pollutes the water that we drink. If we find out how to stop this, that 20%of people could have save drinking water. I want to know how to stop it.It and how it pollutes the water. Hope you enjoy my journal.

10/29/2012 04:23:13 am


Hannah Gardner
10/29/2012 04:27:23 am

The reason that 20% of our population dosent have clean drinking water is that most of that water is salt water or it just isnt clean due to the enviroment the people live in. We can help by raising money to send bottled water to people in areas that dont have clean drinking water.

Sarah Smith
10/29/2012 04:44:16 am

20% of our water is not safe to drink because of plution. Yes we can help clean it up if we just dont throw trash.

Austin Faust
10/29/2012 04:45:39 am

Alright so I know that only a small percentage of water is drinkable
How can we increase that percentage
We can use this knowledge to help us increase our availible drinking water.

the durr
10/29/2012 06:04:24 am

a small pournse of water is drinkable and ovether is salt water and its sucks someday we wont ever have water

Olivia (awesome) Triplett
10/29/2012 06:06:52 am

i know that some of this water is saltwater and we can't drink saltwater. i also know is that people keep on polluting the water and throwing toxic waste in the water and polluted and toxic water can seriously make you ill if you drink that water.

i want to know how i can stop people from polluting our water so we can actually drink the water. i also want to know why people throw toxic waste in the water because that is the water that we drink from and it's also killing the living creatures in the water as well.

this can help me in the future because i want everyone to have drinking water and bathing water because i don't want to smell really smelly people and i don't want people dying because they didn't have all the water inside them that is needed.

10/29/2012 06:10:35 am

people in the world polut the water by throwing trash in it, or boats that leak oil. we could make baots more duable to stop leaking oil, and we could make laws for polluting more seriouse. like going to jail or paying a $1,000.

10/29/2012 06:12:56 am

i think we need to know this so we can suplie more water to other countries.

Briley Shockley
10/31/2012 03:49:15 am

We can help by not wasting our water, and appreciating it! It only lasts so long, so enjoy it. Also we can send care packages to places that dont have clean drinking water.

Janessa Jensen
10/31/2012 03:55:32 am

The reason why 25% people can not get to fresh water because of pollution in the air. like cars for an example they fill the air with poisonious fumes. How does it do this? We all need to start riding bikes or walking to help our water system and our enviroment.

dakota cushing
11/1/2012 06:12:32 am

I know that we need to stop polluting our water! I want know why we do what we do? So I can do my part and no take advantage of OUR water!

Jacob Perryman
11/1/2012 11:30:28 pm

i know that some of this water is saltwater and we can't drink saltwater.Most people dont have safe water to drink becase the water is polluted.

Kasen Dame
11/2/2012 12:20:48 am

1) Some of peaple dont have access to water because they dont live in an actual house or arnt near water.

2) i want to know how i can help, what can help, and other reasons why people dont have access to water.

3) i want to know these things because it would help our earth,i care about the poeple in the world, and it would hepl if im older if i have a job that has to do with earths water.

malonson lance
11/2/2012 04:27:51 am

can kill disesis and clean the water.

11/4/2012 10:28:21 pm

I know that 20% of are drink water is nasty.
I want to know how much water the earth.
I want to know how much pollution

the black boy baby
11/8/2012 05:09:01 am



11/11/2012 11:00:40 pm

I honestly don't know why 20 % of earth's population doesn't have very clean water. I think we could help by not poluting the water that we have so little of already. I want to know why 20 % of our population has bad drinking water. It;s important to know so we can find ways to protect people from diseases in the poor drinking water.

5/13/2016 10:59:00 am

I don't now


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