1st hour
01/08/2013 7:22am

01/09/2013 6:37am

Suddenly, carbboard is appearing in random objects. There's now a cardboard bike and now a cardbord bike helmet. Created by Kranium by a college student who wanted to redesign helmet. He found out that a woodpecker's skull is fragile but let it can stand the impact from hitting the wood. The bird has a corrugated cartilage that seperate the beak from the skull. The student pratice with the cardboard until it was perfective and sturdy. the helmet design was like a honeycomb structure so it can obsorb impact.
Many test were done on the helmet by smart people in china and the helmet turned out suprizingly strong and waterproof.

01/09/2013 6:50am

cardboard hemlet is awesome. it is 15% lighter than reg. hemlet and can withstand 3 times more impact damage. I would use the new hemlet

4th hour
01/08/2013 7:22am

4th hour

gerber is awesome
01/10/2013 9:12am

By Mera Dolasia on December 17 2012

Some people think they can predict when the world is going to end but nobody ever gets it right they said December 21 at 11:hr 59min and the 59 second the world was going to go into the black hole in the atmosphere but I have come to a conclusion were still alive and the sun comes up at the same spot at the same time in the morning the moon comes out at the same time at night. Yes the world will probably end one day and nobody will know when it will happen it will be just in a split second........

gerber is awesome
01/16/2013 9:16am

But nobody will ever guess it and people sould stop trying to predict it. Its dumb and they should stop acting like there smart cause their not.

duck ( chad dinwiddie )
01/10/2013 9:12am

I read Australia's Wild Dolphins Come Bearing Gifts For Their Human Friends, By Meera Dolasia on January 6, 2013. The dolphins get the workers sea food.

They swim up to the shore and give the workers gifts and the workers like it. The dolphins do this every day .

The first one was Fred an adult male dolphins. And sins then where were 22 more gifts.

That is the story of the dolphins

01/10/2013 9:13am

Global warming is causing the arctic ocean to melt. One scientist wants to use modern technology to fix the global warming. Proffesor David Keith proposed an idea to inject particles into the areas close to the arctic caps so that less of the suns heat would be absorbed..

01/16/2013 9:13am

It will take 8 million USD. They have not tried this idea yet tho because nobody has ever tried anything like this so they do not know what the side effects are. They say it could work but then again it could be disastourous. It could cause the remaining ice to collopse or it could even casue a drought.. It could go very well or very bad.. Nobody will no until they try it.

theresa peirano
01/10/2013 9:15am

Dolphins Bearing Gifts
Dolphins are pretty smart creatures. In 1998the dolphin named Fred brought an eel to staff that have been feeding them daily, since 1992. It was a small gesture, but the staff appreciated the thought even if they won’t eat it. It is rare, but it still happens. It is just another way to prove that dolphins are very, very, very, very, very smart.
Fred isn’t the only grateful dolphin in the world sea creatures. Since then, 22 more gifts have been delivered to other places around the world. Apparently word, or clicks, spreads fast. Other animals do it on are regular basis are domesticated cats who often present their owners with 'gifts' of dead prey. You often hear about someone’s housecat leaves a mouse or some other small animal for their owners as gratitude for their service.
So even animals are grateful for us humans even if some humans aren’t grateful to others people. You know the song ‘Be Kind to Your Web-footed Friends’ follow it because they are kind to us.

Shelbirdy Clark
01/10/2013 9:29am

Cardboard Helmet!?
First, there was the cardboard bike, but now they have made a cardboard helmet! It’s actually much safer than the other helmets made now with foam. It is called Kranium and was created by Anirudha Surabhi, a student at London’s Royal College of Art. He made it his mission to redesign the helmet, because of a bike crash that gave him a severe concussion.
He got inspiration from animals, and specifically the woodpecker because it has the awesome ability to stand up to heavy impacts due to the bird’s corrugated cartilage that separates the beak from the skull.
Most people were skeptical of the design, but Anirudha kept testing and experimenting. It got better and better with each modification and experiment. The end result was a helmet with a honeycomb structure that was designed to be flexible, it can absorb impact force better than previous helmets. It might not sound like the safest option, but it has been tested a lot by experts in many countries. Every one reached the same consensus; the helmet can withstandthree times the impact force than a regular rigid helmet. It’s also 15% lighter and is also waterproof and sweatproof! It is so awesome!
I enjoyed reading this article and I think that the idea and product is AWESOME! I would totally want to buy one of those helmets!

Lauren Potter
01/10/2013 9:36am

Ice and Snow Festival
The festivals are held in Northeast China in Harbin put together by the residents. They turn the frosty winter weather into a wonderland with big ice building sculptures. Millions come from all over the world just to look at this festival. This is the 29th annual year and did not open until January 5th, but that didn’t stop many visitors from arriving early to catch glimpses of the sculptors. The city was built in two weeks, with one of the biggest ones being forty eight meters tall.
The designs have bright and colorful lights planted inside and firework displays are set off at night. There are other activities to do while visiting including, zip-lining, and organized swim in the frozen Songhua River, and ice golf and ice archery. Their activities for little children too, ranging from sledding to huge ice slides and mini trains that travel through the woods.
Some believe this is one of the largest ice cities in the world, it first took place in 1963. It had to take a break because of China’s ten year Cultural Revolution, it did not reopen until 1985. The festival is increasing in popularity in each passing year, last year it attracted over a million people. This event has been nicknamed Ice City for it below freezing temperatures. This event is ending on February 28.
I chose this article because I think it is very interesting that you can make large sculptures out fo ice. I learned about the Cultural Revolution which I hadn’t known had taken place and didn’t know how it affected the ice festival. This will help in the future that if this festival is still taking place, maybe I could take my family on a vacation.

01/10/2013 9:41am

L E W o r l d I S N I G H ! ! ! ! (not really)
I am summarizing an article about NASA releasing a video on the internet saying that the world will not end on December 21st, 2012. This article was published by Meera Dolasia on December 17, 2012. The Mayan calendar seems to stop on this date.
(NASA is so confident that it won’t end that they made a video and put it on the internet.) The video is ‘The world didn’t end yesterday’.
I’ve watched this video before and was very helpful. It explained how the calendar actually worked.

Ty Miller
01/11/2013 5:54pm

I read the article “Australia's Wild Dolphins Come Bearing Gifts for Their Human Friends” by Meera Dolasia. It is about dolphins that occasionally bring gifts to the shore to the worker who occasionally feed them. The gifts include many different sea creatures including squids, finfish, and sometimes octopuses.
“The astonishing generosity was first observed in 1998, when Fred an adult male dolphin who frequents the area, swam into the bay and presented his 'gift' of a dead moray eel to one of the resort workers. Since then, 22 more gift-giving instances have been observed according to a research report published on December 4th, by Bonnie Holmes and David Neil, both scientists with the University of Queensland in Brisbane.” This quote from the article tells exactly what goes on at the resort. This strange occurrence has made workers and visitors at the resort smile and enjoy their stay.
Scientist is not quite sure why the dolphins have started giving gifts. The only known animal to present humans with gifts is the domestic cat, so why would a dolphin do such a thing. The only thing scientists can come with is that the dolphins want to play or that they have gotten used to the humans giving food so they give food.
I hope you found my article review interesting and the quotes from the article interesting. This is an article that I would recommend.

01/16/2013 9:07am

With their almost perfect camouflage, these animals are some of the Earth's best masters of disguise. However, while they can hide from their predators they cannot escape the sharp eyes of American photographer Art Wolfe, who has been on a quest to capture them on camera, since the early 1990's.
Finding these animals is a long process. Art wolf says its defiantly worth his time and that he loves finding animals in their natural habitat. Wolfe says it takes him a lot of hours to find one hidden animal.
By Shawna Rizor

Riley Dampier
01/16/2013 9:08am

This article is named Video of the Week-NASA’s ‘I told you so’ Video. It is by Meera Dolasia. It is about how the world didn’t end and about how it was never a possibility.
“In fact, the folks at NASA are so confident, that they have pre-released a video. Dated December 22nd, it is entitled 'The world didn't end yesterday', and explains why this had never even been a remote possibility.” This paragraph talks about what the video explains. The video talks about why the world didn’t end and how they were so sure about it.
“You can of course watch it on December 22nd. However, if you have been avoiding buying those Christmas gifts in the hope of saving some money, we would recommend viewing is as soon as possible, and hitting the stores, shortly thereafter!” This paragraph talks about how if people were avoiding buying their presents because they actually thought the world was going to end. NASA was so sure that it was not going to end that they posted this video.
I read this article because it looked interesting. It was very short and got to the point. I learned that NASA knew the worl was not going to end before December 21st .

01/16/2013 9:17am

Riley Rader
Photographer's Quest To Seek Out Nature's Best Camouflage Artists
With their almost perfect camouflage, these animals are some of the Earth's best masters of disguise. However, while they can hide from their predators they cannot escape the sharp eyes of American photographer Art Wolfe, who has been on a quest to capture them on camera, since the early 1990's. The Seattle, WA photographer says that finding and filming these clever animals is a painstaking process, one that often takes many hours. It is definitely worth the time because the thrill of capturing a creature that has managed to blend into its natural habitat so skillfully, is like none other.
His search has taken him to almost every continent in the world - From the deserts of Africa to the rainforests of South America and even, the snow plains of Canada. Over the years he has snapped so many amazing photos that he has been able to showcase them in two books - A children's book entitled Hiding Out that was first published in 2003 and Vanishing Act, which first came to bookstores in 2005 - Both have been translated into several languages and been extremely popular all over the world.
And, he is not done yet. The 61-year old who also happens to be a television producer continues to unearth nature's beauties under lily pads, dissolved into tree trunks or stealthily awaiting their prey in the white snow! Would you have been able to spot any of them had you not known they were in the photographs? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.

01/16/2013 9:19am

December 21st 2012
The Mayan calendar ended and the world was supposed to end. 'The world didn't end yesterday' was a video that tells why the world was never supposed to end. However, experts are not so sure that this doomsday scenario has any legs. The world was never supposed to go in to a black hole.

Gretchen Dill
01/18/2013 6:39am

why does everyone say that the world is going to end because it is NOT going to, if it was then it would have already happened along time ago.... Well when they hear on the news that the world is going to end then we can just laugh and sit back and relax baceause we all will know what will happen!!!!!

Shelbirdy Clark
01/22/2013 9:36am

Ireland’s Disappearing Loughareema Lake

I read the article, ‘Ireland’s Loughareema Lake Plays Mind Games By Randomly Vanishing’, by Meera Dolasia.
Loughareema Lake in Ireland is famous for sporadically disappearing and reappearing. It may seem like your mind is playing tricks on you, but it isn’t. The lake draws tourists to the town of Ballycastle and is legendary as a somewhat magical lake. The lake is far from magical, though. The reason has to do with the area’s rock structure.
The rock underneath the ground is extremely porous limestone, which is similar to chalk, the kind that you use to draw pictures upon your sidewalk. In normal cases, this would not cause the lake to disappear, but part of the topsoil eroded and created a drain which leads right to the porous limestone. That is where the water disappears to.
This ‘drain’ gets clogged sometimes, like every other ordinary drain. It gets clogged up with peat, especially after rains. The water must stay upon the surface and turns itself into a lake. When the peat washes away, the lake promptly vanishes, just like that.
This article was fun and interesting to read. I enjoyed it greatly!!

7th hour
01/08/2013 7:23am

Reply here

01/08/2013 12:23pm

I read "Video Of The Week - Think Your Winter Is Cold?" In the article, talks about the Northern Hemisphere having exposure to severe winter. "Some of the lowest recorded in the area in the last 50 years!"
Novosibirsk flimed a video covering the severe winter there when a blacony fell.

Lexi Atteberry(:
01/08/2013 12:32pm

I read the article, " Think Your Winter Is Cold". This article is about how the northern hemisphere is having a hard winter. Russia has had a tempature that has gone too, -50 degress Celcius. That is one of the lowest scores in the last 50 years. One time an american tossed boiling hot water off of the balcony and it froze instantly. That is what this article are mainly about!!

brett neal
01/08/2013 12:40pm

Australia’s Wild Dolphins Come Bearing Gifts For Their Human Friends

Dolphins have been known to be one of the smartest animals known to man. The dolphins in Australia are generous too. The staff at Tanglooma Island Resort have been receiving gifts from the dolphins that swim to shore since 1992. The first time a dolphin brought a gift was in 1998.
Fred was the first and brought a dead eel to a worker. There have been over 20 more gift giving instances since then. The gifts are usually squids, finfish, and octopus. Scientists don’t know why dolphins do this. It is usually because of the desire to play or exchange of food.

deven h
01/08/2013 12:42pm

I like dolphins and I think that it is cool that the dolphins are giving people gifts
Dolphins are one of the smartest living creatures on earth is a fact that has been known for many years. Now it turns out that these amazing animals are really generous too!! At least the ones that live in the Australia’s Tangalooma Island resort who love to swim to the shore bearing gifts for the staff that have been feeding them daily since 1992. The amazing generosity was observed in 1998 when Fred and adult male dolphin swam into the bay and gave the gift of a dead moray eel to one of the resort workers. Since then 22 more gifts have been given to the workers.

The only other animals that do this are domesticated cats who often give their owners dead prey as gifts. Scientists are not sure of the reasons why the dolphins are doing this. Dolphins usually only do this with other dolphins. There are 3 reasons why a dolphin would do this, one: the desire to play, two: exchange food, three: a desire to frolic with the humans that feed them every day. That is pretty cool that the dolphins are doing this. I think it would be cool to get a gift from a dolphin.
Though the workers or the scientists may never find out the exact reason why the dolphins on the Tangalooma Island in Australia, gift giving at the resort has been established a tradition. One that is here to stay for many years to come.

J.E.!!!(((: / Juliet
01/08/2013 12:45pm

Video Of The Week – Think Your Winter Is Cold?

Lots of the Northern Hemisphere have experienced a very unusually severe winter this year. However, very few people can relate to the residents of some parts of Russia where the temperatures have gone as low as -50 degrees C or -58 degrees F. Some of the lowest recorded in the general area in the last 50 years!
If you’re not impressed, you should be! You should be once you watch the video of a resident tossing a boiling pot of water off his balcony. All the while in any other place this would end in a result of scalding a by-passing person underneath, here there was no danger. That’s because thanks to the extremely cold, cold temperatures, the boiling liquid instantly freezes into icicles.
I thought this was a very interesting and neat article. I hope you think so too!

Sara Bun-Bun
01/10/2013 12:26pm

I am writing about “Think Your Winter’s Cold?” In the northern hemisphere have experienced a severe winter this year. Some parts of Russia’s temperature has dropped to -50 degrees C,(-58 degrees F) some of the lowest in 50 years.
“A video filmed by a Novosibirsk resident, who took a boiling pot of water and tossed it off his balcony and froze instantly!” while any other place this would result in scalding a passerby underneath. This is all I can really say because this article is only 2 paragraphs.

01/16/2013 12:30pm

I did my article review on “Photographer's Quest To Seek Out Nature's Best Camouflage Artists”.
The owl is hidden well. The dove is also hidden well.
This photographer must have really good eye sight.

Kelsey Clark
01/16/2013 12:31pm

One might expect people living in subzero to escape to some warmer destination or simply. but the residents of Harbin in Northeast China do neither. They instead turn the hostel icy environment into such an amazing winter wonderland that millions of tourists from all over the world actually brabe the chilly temperatures to experience.

Wyatt F.
01/16/2013 12:33pm

i read the video of the week think your winter is cold article. it talks about how parts of russia have ex[perienced one of the coldest winters in history. with temperatures dropping down to almost negative 60 it has been one of the coldest winters in russian history and world history. it was so cold that a man dumped a boiling pot of water out his window and it froze to ice before it reached the ground. since the article is only two paragraphs long there isn't much more i can write about.

01/16/2013 12:45pm

Most smaller animals have a built in camouflage. Most photographer try to catch what people call the art wolf on camera.
It takes hours to capture these creatures. But apparently its worth it one guy has went to all the contents looking for one.
He has many different pictures of these animals. He love capturing pictures of these animals.
He is 61 years old and is not done yet. He sits and waits in the snow grass and trees he loves it.

Emily P. Calton
01/10/2013 8:53am

Cardboard Bike Helmet Proves To Be Surprisingly Safe!

This article is about a new product made from cardboard. The product is a bicycle helmet, shockingly enough! The creator of this odd contraption was inspired by being in a bicycle crash, which left his old helmet cracked, and he had to be hospitalized for several days due to a concussion. He studied the animal kingdom for more inspiration, and was intrigued at how the woodpecker’s skull could resist impact due to the bird’s unique corrugated cartilage structure that separates its beak from its skull. Most of the creator’s advisors were very skeptical about the format of a cardboard helmet, but he kept working at it and it got better every time he redesigned it. The helmet has a “honeycomb” design of cardboard, which is made to be flexible, and it can absorb impact better than the regular helmets. Even though the cardboard helmet is not the safest helmet ever, it has been tested enough to prove that it is safe enough to use. And the article states that the cardboard helmet is also 15% lighter than normal helmets. The cardboard inside the helmet looks quite peculiar, but it is proven to work more effectively than the other component used in regular helmets, Expanded Polystyrene Foam, or {EPF}. This article was very interesting and it has taught me that cardboard can be useful in more than one way!!! :)

01/10/2013 12:19pm

I am summarizing an article about NASA releasing a video on the internet saying that the world will not end on December 21st, 2012. This article was published by Meera Dolasia on December 17, 2012. The Mayan calendar seems to stop on this date.
(NASA is so confident that it won’t end that they made a video and put it on the internet.) The video is ‘The world didn’t end yesterday’.
I’ve watched this video before and was very helpful. It explained how the calendar actually worked

brett schmidt
01/10/2013 12:19pm


Sophia Michelle :)
01/10/2013 12:20pm

Australia's Wild Dolphins Come Bearing Gifts For Their Human Friends

Scientist have proven for many years that dolphins are one of the smartest animals. But apparently they are quite generous too. At the Tangalooma Island Resort dolphins have been bringing their feeders “gifts” of a dead sea creatures. It was started when Fred an adult male brought one of his feeders a dead moray eel. Since then almost all the other dolphins have followed in his footsteps. Scientists say that they don’t know exactly why the dolphins have started this tradition. In the animal world it is usually a sign of wanting to play, exchange food, and/or saying that the recipient is not a good hunter. Scientist now are starting to think that it now might be a desire to live with the creatures that have been feeding them for years.

Eli Thurman
01/10/2013 12:35pm

The Competition For The Title Of Worlds Smallest Dog Heats Up

The 3 smallest dogs Beyonce, Milly and Boo Boo. They all weigh less than 2 ounces. All three of them are going for the title and to be in the world record book. It also talks about when they were first born they had to be fed smaller equipment instead of a bottle. They also were so small they can be held with a spoon. I dont like chiwauwas

01/16/2013 12:35pm

the 3 smallest dogs beyonce, milly and boo boo. they weigh less than 2 ounces.all three of them are going for the title and to be in the world record book.


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