Article reviews allow students to read non-fiction science based articles and then write a four to five paragraph summary of their findings.  These articles are designed to improve student reading comprehension and writing skills.  Articles will be accessed from my "Mr Thornhill's News" within the DoGoNews website.  We will use an article selection process which assures no two articles will be reviewed within the same grade level.  We will make every effort to allow the student to choose from a variety of scientific topics. 

Below are two documents which will help students gain knowledge and have success with this activity.  One of the documents is a template as to how the article review should be structured.  The other document is the scoring guide as to how these articles will be assessed. 

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08/30/2012 6:46am

“Hiriko - An Eco-Friendly Car With A Unique Talent”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab Group and Spanish redevelopment agency DENOKINN made a futuristic looking two sitter car which has been in the work since 2010. This all-electric zero emission car can travel at 75 miles between charges. “It can also fold itself about half it size with a push of a button thanks to a clever mechanism which tuck the rear of the car under its chassis.”
“This car has no doors, but it windshield doubles up like a door. This car’s stearin wheel resembles an airplane yoke. To accelerate, the driver has to push the control stick back and forth. And to turn, just turn the yoke side to side. However, its zero turn “robot” wheels can twist 60 degree left or right.”
This awesome car can fold itself so small, that it can you can fit 3 of these Hirikos in a single parking bay. The car is 100 inches and when it fold itself down to 60 inches. The passengers won’t be harm when the car folds while they’re still in it. This is all done with a push of a button.
The best part is that it not a concept car, but is being used in Europe. If successful, it will be sold all across the world. This car is being sold at $17’000USD when available to general public. However, if you don’t like this car, the company is working on a futuristic truck named Alia and a truck called Laga.

Jennah Cunningham
08/30/2012 12:19pm

In this article “Space Pioneer Neil Armstrong, Passes away” is about Neil Armstrong passing away. The author of this article is Meera Dolasia. The article includes of his death and how old he was. It also includes details of him going to the moon. Also, it gives some information about his life.
“On Saturday August 25th, 43 years after he made history by becoming the first person to step on the moon, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away from complications attributed to a heart surgery.” The article gives details about his life and when he traveled to the moon. He was born in Waoakoneta, Ohio. When he was fifteen he got his pilot license. He got a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering. He served in the US navy.
Neil Armstrong traveled to the moon July 16th, 1969. He was launched on Apollo 11. He traveled with Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin with 3rd crew member Michael Collins in charge of it. Neil was the first man to walk the moon saying his famous quote, “That's one small step for (a) man; one giant leap for mankind” Buzz and Neil collected 47 pounds of moon rock and soil. He returned home a hero. Forty three years later he passed away due to complications after enduring a heart surgery.

Sara Bun Bun
08/30/2012 12:27pm

I am writing about “You Will Never Guess What This Ultra-Cool Eco-Friendly Bike Is Made From” by Meera Dolasia. This article is about a bike made from a cardboard box. The bicycle enthusiast came p with this idea after he heard about a working canoe that had been crafted from cardboard. However when he proposed the idea to three engineers, they all assured him that it was simply not possible.
“If you are in the market for a new two-wheeler, you may want to consider this radical bicycle. The brainchild of Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni, the fully functional vehicle that costs just $10 USD to manufacture is crafted entirely from cardboard. And, incase you are wondering, it is water resistant too”.
Mr. Gafni is now working with investors to get his cardboard creation into stores by late 2013. Given that it costs a mere $10 USD worth of material to make the entire bike, he believes that the finished product could retail for as little as $80-$90 USD, making it the coolest, cheapest, most eco-friendly bike in the world!

Wyatt F.
08/30/2012 12:30pm

“Hiriko - An Eco-Friendly Car with a Unique Talent”

The Hiriko car brand new and amazing eco-friendly electric car is what I choose to write my article about. This amazing new car is an exceptional advance in technology. It is a great advance to people living in urban because it can fold itself down to half its size with the push of a button.
The whole rear of the car folds down under the chassis. The car has no doors to conserve space so the windshield doubles as the door allowing the driver and passenger to get out the front. To accelerate or decelerate all the driver has to do is push the steering wheel which is modeled after the yoke of an airplane. To turn all the driver has to do is push the yoke back and forth and even better the car is zero-turn allowing it to actually travel sideways.
The car is being tested in Europe and is expected to hit dealers in Berlin and San Francisco. Two other models are currently being tested and are expected to be available for purchase several months. In short, this is an incredibly eco-friendly and practical car especially for those living in urban areas.

08/30/2012 12:39pm

Need electricity? Play a game of soccer

This paragraph is about a soccer ball called a Soccket soccer ball and it coverts energy into electricity. Meera Dolasia wrote this article. I think that it’s pretty cool that you can play soccer and have fun and also convert energy into electricity at the same time!

The story behind this begins in 2008 at an unusual engineering class where non engineers were challenged to blend art and science together. Two liberal art majors Julia Silverman and Jessica Mathews go ahead and give it a try. They spent the previous summer researching diseases in Tanzania and South Africa. They both had become aware of the issues that the poor faced every day, so they wanted to help them out. Their first idea to improve medical record keeping was nixed by the professor because it required the involvement of bureaucratic government officials. So they decided to help tackle access to cheap electricity.

That’s when Julia, who used to play sports in high school had an idea. What if they were able to capture some of the energy that generates when playing sports and convert it into electricity. And since in the countries they visited, the young and the old liked to play soccer then they thought that it would be the best choice of a sport to use. Their first prototype was a shake to charge flashlight sticking out of a hamster ball. They kicked it around to see if the flashlight would pick up the charge. At just five ounces heavier then a regular soccer ball, the soccet had the captivity to store enough energy to power up an LED lamp for three hours and 30 mins of play. So it’s a good idea for poor people in Africa.


tayler simpson
08/30/2012 12:43pm

Neil Armstrong, Passes Away

I am writing this article about the great Neil Armstrong. It was written by Meera Dollasia. On Saturday August 25th, 43 years after he made history by becoming the first person to step on the moon, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away. He passed away from complications attributed to a heart surgery he underwent earlier this month. It was told he was doing just fine after the surgery. It was a big shock to his millions of fans, including me.

The American hero and icon who spoke the oft-repeated line “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” He said that while he was looking at his own footprint. He often referred himself as a nerdy engineer. The fact that he was much more than that was quite evident in the few minutes leading up to the historic Lunar landing.

Four days following the successful July 16th, 1969 launch of Apollo 11 from Earth, it moved into the moon's orbit. Once that happened the Lunar module - Eagle, along with its two passengers, Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, separated from the Command Modual. Everything worked good until the Eagle was getting ready to land on the moon. That's when Neil Armstrong realized that the automated computer was leading the Module to a landing surface covered with boulders and a crater. The commander quickly took over the controls and manually deviated the course and with just 25 seconds of fuel left, landed the Eagle safely on that fateful day on July, 20th 1969.

Another little known fact is that while NASA was sure he and Buzz Aldrich would make it to the moon. They were not completely certain that they would be successful in coming back. Fortunately, it all worked out. He and Buzz spent two and a half hours exploring the surface and collecting 47 pounds of moon rocks and soil, before blasting off and reconnecting with the Command Module that was still revolving in the moon's orbit.

It is very sad that Neil Armstrong had to die. Millions of his fans are probably devastated. I know I am!

J.E. / Juliet Evans
08/30/2012 1:06pm

Tough Mudder
I would probably agree with the article Tough Mudder that it is the world’s hardest athletic challenge, but I don’t know for sure since I’ve never done it. It would fun and challenging I think to try to compete in this event. It would be a very cool experience to do a 12 mile obstacle course that takes contestants through mud, fire, and most of all 10,000 volts of electric current.
The Tough Mudder was started in 2009 by Will Dead, whom was a former British counter-terrorism agent. It was created as a way to bring variety and fun into an event like triathlons and marathons. Today it has become a very popular challenge that is held in many various parts of the world. Some of these places include Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and even South Africa.
This event is so tough that at least five contestants drop out along the way. The contestants that do get through it, take around 4 hrs. to complete the entire course. This event takes place in November. The most recent Tough Mudder’s challenge took place in Scotland.
I really liked this article. I thought, from the moment I saw it, that it would be interesting, and I was right. I myself wish I could compete in a challenge like this. I think it would be a very worth while experience.

Paige Dorris
09/04/2012 6:34am

I am summarizing the article How Long Can You Resist a Marshmallow by Meera Dolasia. This is an experiment where scientists bring in kids 4-6 and see how long they can stand without eating the marshmallow. If the kids wait 20 minutes without eating it they get two marshmallows. The kids that eat the marshmallows before the 20 minutes had to ring a bell in front of them before they eat it. They would not get anymore treats after eating the marshmallow.
This experiment was conducted by psychologist between 1968-1970. They found out that the older the kid is the more resistance power they had. It was more interesting that no matter how young some kids did wait to eat it. Very few, gobbled the marshmallow right away.

That of course, was just the beginning of the study that has been ongoing since. Many years later, the scientist followed up with the parents of the now-grown kids with a detailed questionnaire. What he found was that those that had been able to resist the marshmallow for the full 20 minutes, were thought to be more competent by their parents, than the others. Things got even more interesting a few years later, when he discovered that the marshmallow resisters all scored an average of 210 points higher on the scores than the rest of the group. Not only that, they were also better at planning and, handling stress.
Recently, Tanya Schlam at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health along with some of her colleagues decided to contact the same group for a totally different purpose - To see whether the self-control had continued into adulthood and therefore helped them maintain a healthy weight. Sure enough, they found it was directly related to the minutes they were able to hold off eating the marshmallows. Who knew that scoffing down a marshmallow when you were just four could affect your entire life.

Nathan Masterson
09/04/2012 6:54am

Hiriko a Unique Car

What's better than an all emission car that can travel 75 miles between charges? How about one that can do that and also, squeeze itself into a parking spot no matter how small -

Conceived as an alternative to bicycles for people who live in urban areas, the car has a unique talent - It can fold to almost half its size (from 100 to 60 inches) with just a touch of a button, thanks to a smart mechanism that rear of the car under its chassis - all without harming the driver and passenger inside.
To accelerate or decelerate, all the driver has to do is push the control stick back and forth. To turn, they simply turn the yoke control left or right. If that's not impressive enough, its zero turn 'robot' wheels can twist 60 degrees left or right enabling .
The car can fit 3 cars in 1 parking spot.

michael penner
09/04/2012 9:37am

Hiriko eco-friendly car
By Meera Dolasia on 08/25/2012
I chose this article because the article is cool. and the car is realy cool.
This car is all electric can travel 75 miles an hour. Built to fit in small spaces. Has been in work since 2010. Made in Massachusetts Institute of Technology's.
It can fold up to have its size with a touch of a button. In lieu of the normal steering wheel and brake. the inventors have installed a device that resembles an airplane yoke. Wheels can twist 60 degrees left or right enabling the car to travel sidewaysTo accelerate or decelerate.
all the driver has to do is push the control stick back and forth. This car cost 17 grand to perchuse. Their is also A convertible called Alai and a small truck called Laga!

Dallas Hall
09/04/2012 9:40am

We all know that overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to health problems. It can lead to skin cancer to even eye damage. That’s why people seek out sunscreens that promise the strongest levels of UV protection. Certain types of sunscreen can irritate peoples skin.
Sun seekers in China have decided to ignore sunscreen and the fashionable face-kini. The masks were made seven years ago. The masks didn’t really catch attention with locals until this summer. People at Shandong Province’s East China Sea coast.
For people who would like more than a face-kini to keep their face protected, there are full body masks. Wearing these full body masks make you look like characters from a science fiction movie. If you’re not interested in wearing these, they help protect from jellyfish.


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