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Natalie barker
08/30/2012 7:44am

The article I choses is Baby Kangaroo and Wombat Forge an unusual Friendship .I chose this article because it looks interasting. This article is written by Meera Dolasia .In this article you will learn about an unusual friendship between a kangaroo and a wombat.

They were both born in south-east AustrNative to Australia, kangaroos and wombats are both herbivorous marsupials. While mammals, these animals differ from others because the females have an abdominal pouch to carry their young. Interestingly enough, the pouch is not just a convenient mechanism to transport their young, but necessary, for the baby's survival because marsupial babies are not fully developed when born. Instead, they continue to develop outside of the body for weeks and sometimes even months, feeding off the mammary glands that are connected to the abdominal pouch. Other members of this family include koalas, wallabies and opossumsalia. Though the two youngsters now lead a happy and comfortable life neither, had a good start, given that both were orphaned after their mothers got hit by cars - A common occurrence in the region because these animals largely forage at night and are often difficult to see, on the unlit country roads. While the center officials believe that the two will always have a soft spot for each other, they also realize that the current coziness will come to an end once the two out-grow the hand-knit woolen pouch. If Anzac grows to his full potential, he will weigh up to 100 pounds and leap around at speeds of over 25 miles an hour. Though Peggy can grow to weigh as much as half his weight, she will never be able to keep up with him, even if Anzac slows his leaps down to tiny hops.

Cody D.
08/30/2012 8:39am

I’m sumerizing tough mudder by Meera Dolasia. I think it would be one of the hardest events ever ,because you have to do a twelve mile course through fire, mud , and electric wire.You have to be crazy to try that! I know I wouldn’t do it.
The event started 2009 by Will Dean, a counter-terrorism .It was a way to bring fun and variety for marathons and triathlons. It has become a popular challenge and is held in many states including the US.
The obstacles are so tough that one in five players drop out. For people that complete, it takes an average of 4 hours .It is a tough challenge!
I chose this article because it seemed interesting. I learned that there is a new and dangerous sport. It added to my knowledge of interest.

Austin Faust
08/30/2012 11:57am

Hiriko - An Eco-Friendly Car With A Unique Talent
The Article that I am summarizing is about a car called Hiriko. The author of the article is Meera Dolasia. The car can is all-electric and can drive 75 miles per charge. That’s not all. The chic car can also fold to nearly half it’s size.(from 100 feet to 60 feet.) Want to know more? Read on…..

Now for two of the main ideas. The $17,000USD Hiriko will also be available to the general public. How’s that for cool? But wait, there’s more! If all goes well, the Hiriko will soon be available in Barcelona, Berlin and San Francisco, where the manufacturers plan to sell it to the local municipalities for their car-sharing program. Now, for the final main idea, read on.
The final idea… Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. THE FINAL MAIN IDEA!!! If you think all this is neat, how about this? The car has no doors. Instead Its windshield doubles up as the doors enabling both the driver and passenger to escape from the front without any danger of scraping the sidewalk or the other Hiriko's parked in close proximity. How that for service?
I chose this article because…well, it’s cool. I like this car because it’s the next epic thing since the invention of soft tacos.(I love them!) This helped me understand the subject because when I saw this, I was like, “No way!” but I know understand this subject, so now I’m like, “That just might be possible.” This will help me understand the subject in the future when I have 17,000 dollars, I’m going to say, “Just get me the Hiriko.”

sarah kavanaugh
09/01/2012 11:07am

I'm doing my report on Neil Armstrog. I am going to tell you a little bit about his life and how it ended resently. My information was from the artical written by Meera Dolasia on 08/26/2012.

Neil Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Mr. Armstrong became hooked on airplanes and the young age of six, after accompanying his father on a flight aboard a Ford Trimotor airplane. By the age of 15 he had obtained his pilot's license. He served in the us navy successfully leading 78 combat missions during the Korean War, 1950-1953. Neil Armstrong spent seven years as a test pilot prior to joining NASA's Astronaut Corps, in 1962. In 1969, at the age of 38, he was the first person to set foot on the moon. His world famous words were, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind." He returned from his space exploration a hero, recieving all kinds of honors and medals from the USA and coutries all across the globe.
He died on Saturday, August 25, 2012. NASA Astronut Neil Armstrong passed away from complications do to heart surgery he underwent earlier this month. It came as a shock to world wide fans that he had passed away because it was reported that he was doing very well after his surgery.
Surprisingly, Neil Armstrong was a very shy man. True to his nature, he left NASA shortly after he landed on the moon and spent the rest of his life pursuing personal engineering and aviation interests, shunning any kind of publicity, completely.

I chose this artical because I wanted to learn more about Neil Armstrong. I found out who Neil Armstrong was as a person and how he affected our country and our history. This information will help me in the future if I have to write another report about Neil Armstrong.

Emmi Bailey
09/01/2012 6:43pm

What is more grueling than an iron man triathlon? What about a TOUGH MUDDER! A 12-mile course that drags you through mud,fire , and 10,000 volts of electricity.
This event started in 2009 by a man named Will Dean. He wanted to bring some fun and variety in the course for the athletes. It has became a very popular challenge in the world including Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, and even South Africa. The course is so hard one in five contestants drop out during the race. It usually takes around four hours to complete the obstacle. They also have a 24-hour challenge ,too.
In the most recent obstacle in Ireland , It attracted 90,000 contestants, who paid $150 dollars each to be in challenge that had 30 obstacles. The obstacles include wading through a mile-long muddy ditch,jumping into a ice filled area, run through thick smoke created by blazing kersone-soaked straw with flames 4-FEET tall. If that's not enough already there is an electric fence contestants have to crawl under, a missed step could send a 10,000 volts of electricity through your body.
I don't know if you think this is the most grueling obstacle or not , but it is to me.Good luck to all the people that do try this.I know i will never do it.

mariah beitler
09/04/2012 7:47am

Is ‘tough mudder’ the world ‘s hardest athletic challenge it started in 2009 by Will Dean a former
British counter terrorism agement some fun and variety for athletese bored of Mundane. The
Obstacles are so tough that one in five contestants drop out
That do get through it take about 4 hours to complete the course it takes an average
The most recent Tough Mudder challenge took place on the grounds of Scotland's historic Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate in Dumfriesshire, on July 14th, 2012. The inaugural Scottish event attracted 90,000 athletes who paid about $150USD each, to participate in the challenge that entailed overcoming 30 obstacles.

The hurdles included wading across a mile-long muddy ditch, jumping into an ice filled area, running in thick smoke created by blazing, kerosene-soaked straw with flames as high as 4-feet tall. If that was not enough there was the electric fence the contestants had to go under - A slight miss and a 10,000 volts jolt would happily zap through their bodies.

Whether this is the World's toughest athletic event or not, really depends on each individual athlete's perception of what tough really means - Running a 135 miles ultramarathon is not for the faint of heart either. However, according to the organizers, Tough Rudder is more challenging because it tests contestants various different ways - Toughness, strength, stamina, as well as, mental grit.

But the biggest advantage Tough Mudder has over all the other challenges is that it is a fun event - One where contestants are not trying to outdo each other because, there are no major prizes to be won at this challenge - Just a cold glass of beer or root beer and a group of cheering friends that help get you through this grueling event. So do you think this is the world's toughest athletic challenge? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments below

Lane Doing
09/04/2012 8:34am

Tough Mudder 2012
The Tough Mudder competition is a hardcore competition that only the strong can pass. You have to run through fire and mud and go through a field of electric currents. The course is 12 miles long and thousands of people attend the competition. All kinds of people attend to the competition.
The strong, weak, old, and young all attend to the tough mudder competition. When I get older I will go and be in the tough mudder competition.

me (lane)
09/04/2012 8:36am

tough mudder rocks:p

Dakota Cushing
09/04/2012 8:41am

Cows Get To Eat Candy? Sweet! By Meera Dolasia. Wow that is cool.
However Nick Smith and Joseph Watson, the owners of Mayfield-based United Livestock Commodities are not experimenting with the diet to see if they can create a gourmet cocoa-infused beef but because, it was the only solution they could come up with, to survive this year's severe drought. That sounds cool.
“The rest comprises of a healthier ethanol by-product and some mineral nutrients. That according to the farmers, is the perfect mix of nutritious (and probably delicious) meals for the cows”. It was hard to feed cows this year.Becuase grain was so high. “After sifting through various alternatives, they settled for candy, which (surprise, surprise) has a higher fat content than corn. It was also affordable since they are able to obtain disfigured candy that is not suitable for retail sales, directly from manufacturers at highly discounted prices”. After all candy is cheaper than grain. I hope they like it. I chose this article because I have cows. It also interested me. Because I have never seen cows eat candy. But I have seen cows eat PIE!

olivia dill
09/04/2012 8:43am


Hannah Gardner
09/04/2012 11:50am

Hiriko , an eco friendly car with a unique talent
This article is about Hiriko, an eco friendly car of the future. I chose this article because I like to learn about new inventions. I think this car will help people by making it easier to park and pass other cars on the highway.
Hiriko is and all-electric zero emission car that can travel 75 miles in between charges. Hiriko can also fold up to fit inside the smallest parking spot and the steering wheel is like an airplane yoke. The car also has no doors, instead the windshield opens up and that lets the passengers enter and exit the car. This car can also travel sideways.
This car has been in the works since 2010 and is a collaboration between the Spanish redevelopment agency DENOKINN and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab group. Hiriko was made to be an alternative to bicycles for people who live in urban areas. Hiriko is currently being tested in Europe and will hopefully be available to some of the general public soon.
After reading this article I think Hiriko will be an improvement in the lives of people evertwhere. I think this because if it can fold up to fit in a parking spot they might make parking lots smaller leaving more room for grass and other plants to grow improving the looks of the city it is in. I also think that it will save people money because it dosent need gas. For these reasons I think that Hiriko is a great invention and will improve lives everywhere.

Brody Bilyeu
09/04/2012 11:54am

Need Electricity? Play a game of soccer!
Though 25% of the world’s population may not have access to a source of energy that is currently being wasted- Kinetic energy released by their bodies when they exert themselves. Two Harvard alums have figured out how to capture this energy and convert it into electricity – The only equipment needed? A Soccket soccer ball and the desire to have some fun!
The story behind this amazing invention started in 2008 at an unusual undergraduate engineering class where non engineers are challenged to mix art and science and come up with a practical solution to help the world. Two Liberal Arts majors – Julia Silverman and Jessica Mathews decided to give it a try.
Spent the previous summer researching diseases in Tanzania and South Africa, Julia had became aware of the issues faced by the poor in these countries.
After their first idea of improving medical record-keeping in third world countries was nixed by the professor, because it needed the involvement of bureaucratic government officials.

Cody D
09/10/2012 8:40am

Im summarizing a Runner That Makes Usain Bolt’s 100-meter sprint seem painfully slow by Meera Dolasia. It is about a cheetah named sarah that runs the 100 meter sprint in 5.95 seconds.
Usain hopes to complete the distance in 9.4 seconds, Sarah has already done it in a blistering 5.95 seconds.The fastest time, even a younger male cheetah wasn’t faster than her, he was a 9 seconds instead of 5. Cheetahs are the world's fastest land mammals. They can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just three seconds. That must be why people are slower than cheetahs because they can accelerate so fast.
I chose this article because it is interesting . I learned cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 60 in three seconds. It added to my knowledge of how fast they run . It will help me understand why cheetahs catch really fast prey.


World’s First Eyeless Spider Found In Southeast Asia

Research institute reported the discovery of a unique spider that has adapted to its dark environment by simply doing away with of all of its eight eyes! “from DOGOteachers”

The sinopod scurion is the first one that has no eyes. The scientists believe that the reason for the lack of eyes can be attributed to the fact that these spiders spend their entire life inside caves “from DOGOteachers”

They believe that the sinopoda scurion have adopted to the fact that they do not really need the eyes to such an extreme measure that they have dispensed with them altogether
And they are not the only creature to have done that - Over the years, scientists have discovered completely blind scorpions, cave fish, and even a freshwater crab, which happens to inhabit in the same cave as this eyeless spider! “from DOGOteachers”

Maddie Archer:)
09/14/2012 5:18pm

My article is titled “Nifty Invention by Teen Could Save School Districts Thousands of Dollars.” It is about a boy from Illinois named Jonny Cohen who had an idea that could make school buses more energy efficient. This could save schools tons of money and helps out the environment. Now Jonny is a senior in high school and his dream finally comes true. This article was posted by Meera Dolasia.

It all started for him when he was 12 in 2008. He had just got back from a science summer camp and was eager to find something to apply his newly found knowledge of aerodynamics to. He had the idea of something he uses every day and thought of a school bus. After thinking about it some he came up with the idea of attaching a Plexiglas shield to the front of the bus which would redirect airflow and make the bus more aerodynamic.

Even though everybody at his school loved the idea he still had to test it out. He was able to get a grant of $1,000 to help him make a mini version of his idea to test it out. Sure enough his idea worked. He was able to get another grant (thanks to his family and community) which was enough to build the real thing. He got lots of help from universities and even some engineering students to help him build it. They call this project greenshields. The 4th generation greenshields is basically the same thing but has the Plexiglas that gets installed on the roof of the bus. Now that everyone has heard of Jonny’s idea now he is finally being recognized (now that he’s a senior) of his great idea.

Thanks to Jonny’s ingenious idea we now have more energy efficient buses in his area and it’s better for the environment!!!!

I chose this article because I thought it was really cool that a 12 year old boy came up with such a neat idea. I feel that I have learned that even a small dream can turn into a really good thing that lots of people know about. I also learned that aerodynamics can have a pretty big effect on the environment. This information will help us in the future because now we know a little bit more on aerodynamics and energy efficient things.

cody k
09/16/2012 2:34pm

Nifty teen could save schools mony by making shield for buses.
Helps the environment.

Helps the bus eco.
Resist drag.

09/17/2012 7:44am

Isaac unleashes on the Gulf States. By Alizabeth donaldson

The hurricane pounded the coast of Florida and even, unleashed its fury on the three Gulf States of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Hurricanes are given names so that scientists can track the storms from start to finish. In the 50’s, hurricanes were named after the phonic alphabet.

Hurricanes known as cyclones in some parts of the world, are super powerful storm. These storms gain momentum from winds that help them blow in at speeds ranging from 75 to 225mph. Resulting in massive destruction when they hit land.

christian andrew
09/17/2012 7:48am

I know that they toke them away from each other. That they were reunited in the end.
Why did they separate them? Who was the one that separated them?
Why didn’t they put them in the wild. Or why did they not put them in a very safe place.
Christian and Andrew

Christian and Andrew
09/25/2012 7:40am

That the news on the internet was talking about this man. That he has made a new invention that could be a toy for kids in the future.
We need to know what he is going to do with this new invention? Is this going to help the world in any way possible?
What will happen if he can make money out of this invention. Will he make it any better than it was before.

christian and andrew
09/27/2012 7:16am

Master the Force
That the news on the internet was talking about this man. That he has made a new invention that could be a toy for kids in the future.
We need to know what he is going to do with this new invention? Is this going to help the world in any way possible?
What will happen if he can make money out of this invention? Will he make it any better than it was before?

anthony hetherington
10/22/2012 11:39am

Bike is Made FI am summerizing "You Will Never Guess What This UltraCool Eco-Friendly rom." by meera dolasia

this bike belive it or not is made of cardboard .this bike is made intierly out of cardboard it has cardboard wheeles,handlebars,seat,and fram

He took his idea to three engeners and they said it was in possible to make a bike out of cardboard ,but he tried tomake it anyway and it turned out perfect.

Anthony Hetherington
10/22/2012 12:10pm

I am summerizing "You Will Never Guess What this Ultra Cool Eco-Friendly Bike is Made From."
The gentleman got the idea to make the bike from cardboard, after he heard about a canoe made of cardboard. He took his idea to three engineers and they all said it would be impossible to make a bike totally from cardboard, but he tried to make it work anyway.
After several trials of the designs he finally got it figured out, and he made the first one completely out of cardboard. The wheels, handlebars, seat, and frame were all cardboard. It looked like a shipping container with wheels. He knew he had to make his final proto type look like a real bike.
His final design looked like a real bike with a larger frame than most bikes have. He used the bike locally to let the people see that it actually worked.
I would like to see what else could be made out of cardboard that would be useful and recreational for people of all ages.


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