Article reviews allow students to read non-fiction science based articles and then write a four to five paragraph summary of their findings.  These articles are designed to improve
student reading comprehension and writing skills.  Articles will be accessed
from my "Mr Thornhill's News" within the DoGoNews website.  We will use an article
selection process which assures no two articles will be reviewed within the same
grade level.  We will make every effort to allow the student to choose from a
variety of scientific topics.   

Below are two documents which will help students gain knowledge and have success with this activity.  One of the documents is a template as to how the article review should be structured.  The other document is the scoring guide as to how these articles will be assessed.  
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Christian Dinwiddie
08/30/2012 7:34am

If you need a new bike you may consider this radical bike. The brainchild of Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni, the fully functional vehicle that costs just $10 USD to manufacture is crafted entirely from cardboard. It is water resistant also! It’s seems to be completely weight less. And very affordable.
The bike enthusiast came up with the idea after he heard a canoe made out of cardboard. However, when he proposed the idea to three engineers, they all assured him that it was simply impossible, but he said,”I don’t believe it.” Mr. Gafni tried to build one himself. However it was harder than it looked.
While Mr. Gafni was able to get the design right, his biggest hurdle was creating a bike sturdy enough to carry a rider of almost any size and weight. After trying with several options he figured out that using Japanese principals of origami he could triple the weight bearing capability of the cardboard and therefore , make it strong enough to withstand a rider.
He is trying to get his invention in stores by late 2013. He is trying to sell it for $80-$90 USD. The best part is it can hold 485 Lbs. While getting it right took a few prototypes, the end result is a sleek two-wheeler coated with a finish that gives it the look and feel of lightweight plastic.

08/30/2012 7:41am

Though 1\4 of the world may not have access to electricity but they all have access to a source of energy that is currently being wasted –kinetic energy. The story behind this amazing invention began in 2008 at an unusual undergraduate engineering class where non engineers are challenged to blend art and science and come up with a practical solution to help the world.

These were discovered in Tanzania and South Africa. a lot of Africa does not have electricity. Access to cheap electricity was something that came to mind right away.
The company is not done with the development yet. On September 22nd, they will release the first mass-produced Socket . One that is six to seven times more energy efficient than the current prototype and has the capacity to store enough energy to power a reading lamp, a water purifier and even an emergency cell phone charger.
This is a great idea because a lot of people don’t have electricity. They should use that around the world.

luke kinkade
08/30/2012 7:41am

How Long Can You Resist A Marshmallow? That is what I chose cause I thought it would be interesting to see how long someone can resist a marshmallow
By Meera Dolasiaon
How long can you resist a two or twenty minutes.

A bunch of moms put their kids in a room.they put a marshmellow in front of hem and said hey cold
Either eat id right then or if they wait they can have another.
Those that that were unable to wait, simply had to ring a bell that lay in front of them before devouring it. They would however receive no additional treats. The scientist would then sneak out and watch the kid's butt from a one-way mirror.out of the kids that did wait it out they were most patient.

The kids that waited for it got a much better SAT score than the ones that ate it right away.
Recently, Tanya Schlam at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health along with some of her colleagues decided to contact the same group for a totally different purpose - To see whether the self-control had continued into adulthood and therefore helped them maintain a healthy weight.

Tessa and Promise
08/30/2012 7:41am

The The ‘Tough Mudder’ Challenge!

This obstacle course consists of 12 miles of hard obstacles. The obstacles contain fire, ice, mud, and a 10,000 volt of electricity. It’s harder than the Hawaii’s Ironman triathlon, or the Badwater Ultramarathon. It started in 2009 by Will Dean a former British counter-terrorism agent. He was trying to bring some fun and variety for athletes of mundane marathons and triathlons. The obstacles are so tough that one in five contestants drop out along the way. Those who get through it take around four hours. In November there is the worlds toughest mudder, it’s a24 hour challenge for only qualified contestants. The contestants pay $150USD to participate. According to organizers, Tough Rudder is more challenging because it test contestants various different ways-Toughness, strength, stamina, as well as, mental grit. The tough mudder over all other challenges is a fun event .jut a cold glass of beer or root beer and a group of cheering friends that that help you get through this grueling event .Do ou think this is the worlds toughest event?
This article review was done by:
Tessa & Promise

kale durr
08/30/2012 7:43am

My article is about tough mudder the auther is maeera dolasia. Tough mudder is a 12 mile obstical course. This obstical course is no ordernary course it has mud fire electricity and water.

In tough mudder u go through a huge obstical course. This obstical course is 12 miles long. U go through a big ditch filled with mud hints the name but that’s not all. There is also 200 yards of electric wire u crawl threw but don’t get zapped it will send 10,000 volts threw ur bodyand theres frezzing water and fire that u run threw.

After reading about this it has changed me beacuse I use to think it was a joke until I watch the video about it. Tough mudder is no joke it is brutel. Only the toughest will make it through. My basketball coach/science teacher is gonna do it in September hopefully he servives. Good luck coach

writen by kale durr

Riley Cathey
08/30/2012 8:30am

As long as we have lived on Earth we knew the sun to be round, but did you know the sun is rounder and flatter than it should be? Scientists thought the sun’s shape changed with its elven year cycle with the sunspots changing dramatically, and the measurements taken over the past 50 years have not been very accurate. Using NASA’s Advanced Solar Dynamics they learned that its equateral diameter was almost the exact same as its diameter at its polar ends.That means that the sun is almost perfectly round!

Kristen Brawley
09/01/2012 12:25pm

The article I chose was How Long Can You Resist A Marshmallow? By: Meera Dolasia. This article is about how a scientist had children sit down and see if they could resist a marshmallow. The scientist would sneak out and then watch what the children did.

The scientist that did this experiment is from University of Stanford . The scientists name is Walter Mischel. This experiment was conducted by the psychologist somewhere between 1968-1970. They invited children from the ages 4-6 to come individually.

They put the child in a room with a table and a chair with a marshmallow or a cookie or a pretzel which ever they wanted on a plate. Then the scientist left the room and then watched the childs behavior. If the child could wait for 20 minutes then they were rewarded with another marshmallow or whatever they choose to get. What they observed was that only about a third of the kids were able to wait out the 20 minutes and that the older the child was, the better his or her resistance power.

I chose this article because it sounded interesting to me! I learned somethings from this article. In my opinion I didn’t learn a lot but I learn some things. I knew that if you put a 4 year old in a room by theirselves with a marshmallow their going to eat it. But what I didn’t know is that if their score was higher than 210 on their Scholastic Aptitude Test than the rest of the group they were better at planning and handling stress. This information will help me in the future like if I work with children I would know which kids are better at handling stress and planning and I’ll know how to test the children to see which ones can handle stress and who can plan.

Riley E
09/01/2012 4:21pm

I’m writing about the article ‘’Hiriko-An Eco-Friendly Car with an Unique Talent,’’ by Meera Dolasia. Hiriko is an energy efficient car designed to make it easier to live in urban area.

Hiriko can fold to half its size! No more worrying about tough parking spaces. Really Hiriko can fold to half its size with just a push of a button. All the thanks to a mechanism that tucks the rear end of the car under its chassis. The windshield opens up as a door. Passengers don’t have to worry about dinging someone else’s car if parked to close.

One more thing, Hiriko also has a steering wheel like an airplane yoke. To go faster just push the stick forward and to go slower do the opposite. The car’s wheels can twist 60 degrees right or left. So parallel parking is super easy!

I chose to write about this article because this Hiriko car sounded pretty cool to me! I feel like I learned that the world we live in today is inventing new things every day. This article helped better understand how smart cars (as I call them) work. All this information might help me if I ever wanted to buy a Hiriko car someday.

Maddie Archer
09/01/2012 5:21pm

My article is about a baby kangaroo and wombat who are best friends. This article was posted by Meera Dolasia. Both of these marsupials are born in South-East Australia, but in the wild, Anzac the joey, and Peggy the wombat, would have never become friends. But thanks to some people at Wild about Wildlife Rescue Center in Kilmore, Victoria, they are now life-long friends.

The two now live a happy life, but neither had a very good start. Both of them were taken to an orphanage after both their mothers were hit by cars. While at the orphanage, both looked like they were missing their moms, so the workers decided to pair them up. As a result they seemed to really like one another.

While the center officials believe they will always be friends, they also know that the two will eventually out grow the knit pouch they are currently sharing. If they both grow to full size Peggy will only be half of Anzac’s size. She won’t ever be able to keep up with him! So the workers gave them other pals (such as other joeys and walabies) to keep them company.

I chose this article because I love animals!
I’ve learned that wombats and kangaroos are pretty good friends. I also learned that it’s pretty common for animals to be sent to orphanages in Australia, and that they often lose parents because of them getting hit by cars. I didn’t know that Wombats lived in the same area as kangaroos. I think this information could help us in the future because now we know what animals get along well, and how upset they can be if the lose their parents. ( It could help orphanage workers.)

christian stansberry
09/04/2012 7:34am

Air and Earth Friendly Bike
This Eco-friendly bike is made of card board. Only cost $10 USD to buy and make.
The bike is a amazing step to being Eco-Friendly. They sould make a big amout of money in 2013.
IF I could help them make a new bike it would be made out of old bottles or metal.
This is a great idea it could help the air, water ,and the trees.

emily livingston
09/04/2012 7:35am

Cows get to eat candy it’s a healthy diet.They think its good diet for them to eat all types of candy.they are pretty happy with the results for there cows.will cow go back to eating veggies agin?About 14000 cow are eating candy for moths.the candy helps the cows surrive the drought this year.they do plan to change back to corn when the drought is over.this is a nutritsous meal for the cows.Will the cows still eat veggies.they corn cost about 4 to 9$.

haley alegria
09/04/2012 7:43am

I am writing my article on “Is Tough Mudder The World’s Hardest Athletic Challenge? ”You Decide” The author is Meera Dolasia. So do you think you can complete this challenge?” There is a lot of challenges but I think the 10,000 volts of electric current.”
Ok so you want to learn a little more keep reading you will learn about a” 12 mile course that drags you through mud.” The reason why I picked this article because it looked really cool and my science teacher gets to do it so it’s pretty awesome. Wouldn’t you pick it and plus its looked interesting.
In this contest it’s a life or death problem. It looks really complicated and hard. I would not do this myself but it’s really cool that Mr.Thornhill gets to do it good luck.

Brenda Reyes
09/04/2012 7:47am

How weird would it be if you saw a cow eating candy? "Believe it or not, that is exactly what a couple of Kentucky farmers have been doing for their herd of 1,400 cattle, for the past few months." It was the only sitiuion because of the drought. "Since corn is the mainstay for most US cattle, farmers all over the country have been struggling to find a way to feed their herds without going bankrupt."

Kasen Dame
09/04/2012 7:49am

I’m writing about the “Tough Mudder”. I picked it because I thought it was really interesting. The author of this article is Meera Dolasia. The “Tough Mudder” is where you go through several different obstacles. You go through mud, fire, and 10,000 volts of electric current. It’s located in several places around the world.

The “Tough Mudder” is 12 miles. It’s located in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and even South Africa. “The obstacles are so tough that one in five contestants drop out along the way - Those that do get through it, take about 4 hours to complete the course.” And if you do make it through they give u a free tattoo and free head shave.

You have to go over hurdles while wading a muddy ditch. You also have to jump into a ice filled area. Its very tough but most people make it through. You also go through very thick smoke created by blazing kerosene-soaked straw with flames.

I choose this article because I thought it was interesting. It’s a great way to chanellenge your athletic abilities. And the you get to tell what all you went through on that chanellenge.

chris calton
09/04/2012 8:17am

Baby Kangaroo & Wombat
Forge an Unusual Friendship

Even though the kangaroo and wombat are both born in South-East Australia Anzac and Peggy a wombat would have never crossed paths let alone forge a friendship-After all the joey always hops around and wombats are a very slow moving animal. But because of the people at Wild about Wildlife Rescue Center they did.
Though both had a rocky start they’re leading a friendly and comfortable life. Even though booth were orphaned when their mothers got hit by a car- a common fault because these animals largely roam at night it makes them very hard to see.
Later on these 2 animals got new friends to play with. When these two friends grow up though Peggy won’t be able to keep up with Anzac. Even though these 2 are friends now they’ll part ways later on in life.

09/04/2012 11:32am

4 paragraphs chris :)

kayla mcnellis
09/04/2012 8:42am

I choose the artical tough mudder because of the way the name sounded. The author of the artical is Meera Dolasia. The artical is about what a tough mudder is. A tough mudder is someone who is willing to try to save there life by going through many obstacles. Some of the people drop out along the way.

Briley Shockley
09/04/2012 11:30am

The article I chose was Baby Kangaroo and Wombat Forge an Unusual Friendship. It was written by Meena Dolasia. Both of the animals are marsupials native to South-East Australia. But, thanks to the people at Wild About Wildlife Center, these unusual pals forge a life-long friendship.
“Thanks to some creative thinking by the folks at Wild about Wildlife Rescue Center in Kilmore, Victoria, the two are now life-long pals, not to mention, world famous!” Since both species largely forage at night, both mothers got hit by cars. The orphaned animals were sent to Wild About Wildlife in Kilmore, Vitoria, There they were put in the same pin along with two baby wallabies and five joeys. The two cuddle buddies shared a human made pouch.
“Sure enough, the two began to get along like a house on fire.” The animals are both herbivorous marsupials. The females have abdominal pouches, differing them from most mammals. Because babies are not fully developed when they are born they have to stay in the pouches for weeks, sometimes months. Koalas, wallabies, and opossums are also included in the marsupial family.
I chose this article because I wanted to learn how a Kangaroo and a wombat would get along. I learned that wombats are part of the marsupial family. I also learned that joeys are not fully developed when they are born. This information expanded my knowledge of animals and would be useful if these animals were on the verge of extinction.

Matthew Berry
09/04/2012 11:41am

If you are in the market for a new bicycle than try this one I saw you are probably wondering “what is it made of?” Well this bike is made of is made of ………… CARDBOARD!! That’s right that bike is card board this bike only cost $10.00 to manufacture. Your probably thinking “that thing will break If I try to ride it” NO it won’t it can lift 485 pounds so don’t worry about it breaking it is also water proof.

Katey Legan
09/04/2012 11:41am

Hiriko- Eco-Friendly Car With A Unique Talent
By: Katey Legan
I chose this topic because I find it very interesting. I mean this car is so tiny! It It can travel about 75 miles between charges! How amazing is that?
This car is eco-friendly and is all electric! This is a two-seater futuristic car, it seats two people. It has been in the works since 2010. You can park three of these Hirikos’ in one normal parking space. They are usally 100 inches but they can fold down into 60 inches!
All you do is a push one button and it oes down to 60 inches! There is a special feature that if you get rear-ended you and the passenger have a lower risk of getting hurt. This car has no doors, its windshield doubles as a door and it lets both passengers out through it! You control with a control stick to move it back and forth. The wheels can twist 60 degrees left or right to enable the car to travel sideways!
This is why I chose to write about the Hiriko car! It’s amazing and has a lot of interesting features.

Desserea G
09/04/2012 11:44am

The Hiriko is a car that can fold up to half its size. The hiriko is an all-electric zero emission car. That can travel 75 miles between charges. The hiriko can squeeze itself into a parking spot no matter how small. Hiriko , a green vehicle built to ease some of the stress of urban living.
The futuristic looking two-seater has been in the works since 2010. It is a collaboration between the Massachusetts institute of technology’s media lab group and Spanish redevelopment agency denokinn. It was conceived as an alternative to bicycles for people who live in urban areas. The hiriko can fold to almost half its size from 100 to 60 inches with just a touch of a button. The clever mechanism that tucks the rear of the car under its chassis. What this means is that up to three and a half of these cars can be parked rear to rear in a single parking bay.
This car has no doors. Instead its windshield doubles up as the doors enabling both the driver and passenger to escape from the front without any danger of scraping the sidewalk or the other Hiriko’s parked in close proximity. In lieu of the normal steering wheel and brake, they have installed a device that resembles an airplane yoke. To accelerate or decorate, all the driver has to do is push the control stick back and forth. To turn left or right enabling the car to travel sideways, making parallel parking easy .
The car is being tested in Europe. The car will be available in Barcelona, Berlin and San Francisco. The manufacturers plan to sell it to local municipalities for their car-sharing program. The Hiriko will also be available to the general public.

Kyler Lindsay
09/04/2012 11:45am

I’m writing this article about cars called hiriko it is an ultra-cool eco-friendly car with a unique talent.
“What's better than an all-electric zero emission car that can travel 75 miles between charges? How about one that can do that and also, squeeze itself into a parking spot no matter how small - Introducing, Hiriko, a green vehicle built to ease some of the stress of urban living”
• Two seater
• No doors
• $17,000
• It can fold almost in half(from 100 inch. To 60 inch.)
“That's not the only unconventional feature inside this cool car. In lieu of the normal steering wheel and brake, the inventors have installed a device that resembles an airplane yoke. To accelerate or decelerate, all the driver has to do is push the control stick back and forth. To turn, they simply turn the yoke control left or right. If that's not impressive enough, its zero turn 'robot' wheels can twist 60 degrees left or right enabling the car to travel sideways, making parallel parking a cinch!”

katie clarke
09/04/2012 11:48am

Baby Kangaroo And Wombat Forge An Unusual Friendship
These are mammals who there mothers got ran over by cars. They don’t like being alone at night. They a forage at night. They also are difficult to see on the country roads. They became a happy friends.

When the Anzac got to the center he seemed to miss his mother.
There is a Wombat and a kangaroo.
They were put together.
The kangaroo and the wombat slept together.
They were young when there mothers died.

When they slept the wombat slept in the kangaroo’s pouch.
“ While the center officials believe that the two will always have a soft spot for each other.”
The Anzac grows tall.
He will get about 100 pounds.
He will leap about over 25 miles per hour.

Peggy can grow about 50 pounds.
She is not fast.
They are realy good frinedes .
They never fight.
They have wired familys.

cody kee
09/04/2012 11:53am

‘Tough Mudder’ is a tough challenge ever.
You had a mud pit.

They have a fire you run in.
And a ‘berlin wall’

kale durr
09/10/2012 7:42am

“Olympics spoiler alert - Usain Bolt has been outrun! How do we know this before the world's fastest man has even run the finals of his signature 100-meter dash? Because, while Usain hopes to complete the distance in 9.4 seconds, Sarah has already done it in a blistering 5.95 seconds. However, in all fairness to the Jamaican sprinter, she does have a slight advantage, because Sarah is not a two-legged human, but a four-legged cheetah!
The 11-year old cat performed this mind-boggling run on the USA Track & Field certified course at the Cincinnati Zoo where she resides, on June 20th, 2012, during a special shoot organized by The National Geographic.
Competing with four other cheetahs, Sarah ran several 100 meter sprints, bolting out of the zoo's vans in pursuit of the fluffy toy dogs which were being pulled across the track by a high-speed cord. While Sarah's time was definitely impressive, the laggard, a young male teenage cat was not too shabby either (at least by human standards), rendering a best time of 9.7 seconds.”

Chris Calton
09/10/2012 8:25am

That chimp is really smart.I asked some people around me before i showed them the video and they couldnt even figure it out them selves.I was really impressed.
I also found out that only 1 % of their dna is different than ours.I wonder if all chimps could figure that out.When I read about it I even had trouble my self trying to figure it out snd i finally did after a couple of minutes.
I think that if we could use them for research it could help some people learn more from the chimps than teachers because to students they'de be more interested and more likely to pay attention to some thing that interests them.Also do they develope thos skills from their parents or do they learn them themselves.
This topic is really interesting.To me I think chimps are smarter than most average humans

09/10/2012 11:37am

“How cool would it be if your parents decided to substitute the vegetables on your dinner plate with candy? Believe it or not, that is exactly what a couple of Kentucky farmers have been doing for their herd of 1,400 cattle, for the past few months.” This is written by Meera Dolasia.
The farmers couldn’t afford corn so they settled for alternatives, candy. The candy didn’t effect the herds heath. The farmers still plan on turning back to corn when it gets more affordable.
I chose this article because I thought that candy would kill cows.

Austin Faust
09/10/2012 11:45am

World's First Eyeless Spider Discovered in Southeast Asia
The summary I have chosen to do is about a new spider that has no eyes! Pretty cool huh? Scientists identify the sightless spider as part of the huntsman species that compromises of 1,100 species. No, wait. Make that 1,101 species. The author of this article is Meera Dolasia.
Now for the first two main ideas. Excited huh? I think the first main idea is to announce there is a new member of the huntsman family because if you found a new species, wouldn’t you tell everybody? Now for the second idea. I think the second idea is to inform us that there’s more species that are undiscovered. We have no way of knowing whether we’ve actually discovered every single species.
And now, for the grand finale……THE FINAL MAIN IDEA! I think the last main idea is to tell us that the cave the spider lives in has even more undiscovered species. Scientists decided to look in the cave this new spider has been living in and found even more new and wondrous species. Over the years scientists have found sightless fish, scorpions, and even a crab.
Well, I guess that’s all. Now you know why I chose this article. Can you believe it? A spider with no eyes. Hope you like this article.

Dakota Cushing
09/10/2012 4:54pm

I’m doing a summary on Nifty Invention by Teen Could Save School Districts Thousands of Dollars. By: Meera Dolasia. Jonny Cohen was just 12 years old he thought of a method that could make buses more fuel efficient.
“Known for giving an average of just 7 mpg compared to a private car that can average about 20 mpg, these vehicles were definitely due for a makeover”. I did not think that a bus just gets 7 mpg. That is not a lot.
“Jonny came up with the idea of attaching a Plexiglas shield to the front of the vehicle. This would help redirect airflow and thus make the bus more aerodynamic”. What is Plexiglas? That sounds cool.
Thanks to his older sister Azza, he managed to obtain a $1,000 USD grant from Youth Venture, an organization that helps young social activists make their ideas a reality. I sure wish I had a sister like that. I’m glad they have people in the world like that.
I chose it because I ride a school bus morning and night. Learned that kids have a big part of life. Learned buses only get 7mpg.It could help me if I ever wanted to work on buses.

katie clarke
09/12/2012 11:52am

Anco E-Friendly Car with A Unique Talent
This car is very unike car.
Its also small and tiny.
The car is a two seater.
It can turn in half its size.
There can be a lot of them and can fit side by side.

The car has no door.
People like thiss car.
Its like magic .
People say it’s a robot.
Turns 60 to the right.

It can travel SIDWAYS.
Theres a stick nob.
Its esay to park.
It Can back and forth.
Very impressive.

It goes fast.
It cost a lot.
Like truks.
Taliented and small.
A lot of peole like it.

coAn E-Friendly Car with A Unique Talent
This car is very unike car.
Its also small and tiny.
The car is a two seater.
It can turn in half its size.
There can be a lot of them and can fit side by side.

The car has no door.
People like thiss car.
Its like magic .
People say it’s a robot.
Turns 60 to the right.

It can travel SIDWAYS.
Theres a stick nob.
Its esay to park.
It Can back and forth.
Very impressive.

It goes fast.
It cost a lot.
Like truks.
Taliented and small.
A lot of peole like it.

09/13/2012 8:40am

The first thing Gorilla sibling does when they haven't seen each other in awhile is shake hands,squezze of shoulders, and a giant hug. Then the evidence of joy as they tumble into the soft grass. "That, is how the workers at the Longleat safari and Adventure Park in Wiltshire,England, are describing last week's reunion of Alf and Kesho,two lowland gorilla brothers that had been seperated for three years." Alf and Kesho with younger sibling Euindi, they were all born and raised up in captivity at the Dublin Zoo. Kesho was the oldest he got moved to the London Zoo to participate in a breeding program. "In the three years he was away, he transformed from a small 285 pound blackback gorilla to a handsome 485 pound silverback."
Kesho had grown so much, that the park officials weren't sure if Alf woud even reconize Kesho. "The park officials put their cages across from eachother." They didn't need to worry."Gorillas' that share about 98% of their DNA with humans have a special way of reconizing members of their families or clans- By looking at their nose,because each one has a unique nose print." They now spend their days together.
The best news is that all three siblings will now spend the rest of their lives together.

09/14/2012 1:17pm

"Western low land gorillas that are criticaly endangered in the wild. they r found in the daence forest."

Maddie Archer:)
09/14/2012 5:24pm

My article is titled “Nifty Invention by Teen Could Save School Districts Thousands of Dollars.” It is about a boy from Illinois named Jonny Cohen who had an idea that could make school buses more energy efficient. This could save schools tons of money and helps out the environment. Now Jonny is a senior in high school and his dream finally comes true. This article was posted by Meera Dolasia.

It all started for him when he was 12 in 2008. He had just got back from a science summer camp and was eager to find something to apply his newly found knowledge of aerodynamics to. He had the idea of something he uses every day and thought of a school bus. After thinking about it some he came up with the idea of attaching a Plexiglas shield to the front of the bus which would redirect airflow and make the bus more aerodynamic.

Even though everybody at his school loved the idea he still had to test it out. He was able to get a grant of $1,000 to help him make a mini version of his idea to test it out. Sure enough his idea worked. He was able to get another grant (thanks to his family and community) which was enough to build the real thing. He got lots of help from universities and even some engineering students to help him build it. They call this project greenshields. The 4th generation greenshields is basically the same thing but has the Plexiglas that gets installed on the roof of the bus. Now that everyone has heard of Jonny’s idea now he is finally being recognized (now that he’s a senior) of his great idea.

Thanks to Jonny’s ingenious idea we now have more energy efficient buses in his area and it’s better for the environment!!!!

I chose this article because I thought it was really cool that a 12 year old boy came up with such a neat idea. I feel that I have learned that even a small dream can turn into a really good thing that lots of people know about. I also learned that aerodynamics can have a pretty big effect on the environment. This information will help us in the future because now we know a little bit more on aerodynamics and energy efficient things.

mya epp (NEPTUNE)
09/17/2012 8:28am

How Long Can You Resist a Marshmallow?

Well......... I don't know EXACLY how long you can resist a marsmallow, but I do know that I've resisted amarsmallow since I was 10 so, I resisted marsmallows for 3 whole years(counting this year.)

Logan Daily
09/17/2012 5:57pm

Eyeless Spider

Scientist thought they had a record of every spider around the world. But, Peter Jager discovered a new spider species. He is the head of archeology at a research institute. These spiders are odd. They do not have any eyes.
The scientist think the reason for no eyes is that the spiders live in caves. They believe they don’t need eyes in the dark. They have seen some cave spiders with fewer eyes. But, never seen any with no eyes.
These spiders are small in size. Their bodies are only 12 millimeters. Their legs stretch to 6 centimeters. They were discovered inside a cave in Asia. The scientist put them in the Huntsman spider family.
Other animals have become blind because of living in caves. This area of Asia has had many new and exotic species. They have found a rock rat, a muntjacs, and a tiny striped rabbit. I bet the scientist will discover more unique species just like the eyeless spider.

kain mcdonald
09/24/2012 7:43am

i dont now much about asid rain i now that it s a very dangeres camical and it kills animals and plants

Logan Daily
09/24/2012 5:55pm

2013 Guinness Book Of Records

The 2013 Guinness Book Of Records promises to have some great new records. The book has become the most sold book. The new edition came out September 13, 2013. It says it won’t disappoint the readers.
One of the new records is the world’s tallest dog. He is a Great Dane named Zeus. He is 7’ 4” when standing on his hind legs. He’s only 3 years old. He beat last year’s winner by only an inch.
Another record is the tallest Mohawk. It is 3’ 8.6” inches tall. The winner is from Japan. He has been growing his hair for 15 years. He had to use three cans of hairspray and a whole bottle of gel to keep the Mohawk straight up. He grew the Mohawk just to win the record.
One more record is the man with the biggest biceps. His left arm measures 64.77 cm when he flexes it. He works out 7 days a week to keep his arms big. He lives in Massachusetts. He has been working for 10 years to get in the record books.
There are a lot more new and exciting records in the new addition of Guinness Book Of Records.

Mya Epp (Neptune)
09/25/2012 8:06am

How Long can you ressist a Marshmallow?

I've ressisted a marshmallow since I was that means I ressisted a marshmallow for 6 years(counting today!)

cody kee
09/25/2012 11:51am

The Yangtze river is turning crimson because of sand.
The sand is from the up stream.

It is still under incation.
Don’t under stand.

Austin Faust
09/25/2012 11:52am

All right, people, you’re not going to believe this, but maybe 50 years into your life, you may be saved by the most hated, vile creature……THE COCKROACH. The article I have chosen to review is made by Meera Dolesia. That’s right people, another article from Meera Dolesia. Why have I chosen this article you may ask? Because it’s about…. THE COCKROACH.
Scientists are making cockroaches into…. CYBORGS. They added a few magnets on the back of a Madagascan hissing cockroach, then they attached a backpack to it. This helps scientists to keep track of it. They also added little electrode thingy-majigs. These stimulate the cock roach into moving forward because it makes the cockroach think a predator is near. And its all……..SAFE.
And now for the main ideas. The fist idea, I think, is to tell us about…..COCKROACHES. I mean after all, the entire article is about them. The second idea is to tell us we have bio technology. This allows us to fuse metal with flesh to make those cyborg thingy-majigs. The third, and final main idea, is to creep us out. I mean, come on, a cyborg cockroach? Get out of here. Just kidding. It’s real all right.
Thanks for reading this. Now you know that when your life is in danger, there may be a cockroach that will, someday, somewhere, a cock roach just might, just might, may I add, that a cockroach will save your life. Bye, have a good time!

Katey Legan
10/01/2012 11:38am

I 2nd Grader Attends School Through an ‘Avatar’
chose this topic because it seemed very amazing that a second grader could come to school, but in a camera! That’s how amazing technology is now! I think that not having to really go to school, but be in the camera would be so awesome but then you wouldn’t get the same effect because you coult eat lunch at the school or anything.
This article is about a boy has a disease. Hre is allergic to a whole lot of foods which enables him to interact with other people. He couldn’t attend school or anything. He was homeschooled until he reached the second grade when they heard about the ‘Avatar’.
The ‘Avatar’ is a special 4 foot robot with cameras and screen so its like your are right there. They cost about 6,000USD but are worth it so you can live a normal life. Now the boy can go to school, walk around the school like all the other kids. This boys whole life changed when they found this invention. The inventors of this robot are hoping that oter kids will start using them and then you’ll see these ‘Avatars’ roaming the halls!

joey scott
10/01/2012 11:41am

Russia's Shiny Secret -Earlier this week, Russian officials revealed to the world a secret that has been known A Huge Treasure Trove Of Diamonds Inside Impact Crater
to them for twenty years - A diamond supply that they claim is vast enough to fulfill global demand for at least, the next 3,000 years.
Discovered in the 1970's the diamond field is located inside Popigai Astroblem, a 62-mile diameter crater believed to have been created by an asteroid, 35 million years ago. The officials say that when they first discovered the trillions of carats, they did not to explore it, because they were then a member of the Soviet Union (USSR), which already had immensely profitable diamond mines and were also manufacturing synthetic diamonds. Now that Russia is an independent nation they decided it was time
Unfortunately though, these are not the kind of diamonds that can be turned into swanky jewelry, but ones that are used in manufacturing. Known as impact diamonds they are the hardest known substance to man, formed when a space rock hits a graphite deposit at very high velocity. According to the Russian experts, the Popigai diamonds are extra hard because of the enormous pressure and high temperature caused when the asteroid landed in the area, millions of years ago.
In addition to that they also feature strong abrasive properties and a large grain size - all highly coveted qualities since these diamonds are largely used inside cutting and grinding tools like commercial drill bits and saws. Other uses include specialized high pressure laboratory experiments, high performance bearings and sometimes even specialized windows.
too young to remember, the Soviet Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) is a former country that comprised of the modern day Russia, and a number of nearby states like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1917, following the Russian Revolution that was staged by the peasantry who were tired of the corrupt monarchs. In an attempt to make life pleasant for all, they adopted the principals of communism. First promoted by philosopher Karl Marx it believes that all society should be classless and stateless - so that everybody is equal - socially and financially
Though this worked for a number of years, by the 1980's the people of Soviet Union and other communist countries started to yearn for more economic prosperity. Much like the current ongoing revolutions in some of the African and Middle Eastern countries, the ripple of events which started in Poland spread to other communist countries. In 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved into 14 countries, the largest of which, is the Russian Federation.


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