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2nd Hour (30)
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kale durr
11/11/2012 11:28:31 pm

Most of us associate Disney with Mickey and his friends and princesses like Snow White and Cinderella - None of whom of course are for cool tweens and teens! However, over the years the Burbank, California based entertainment behemoth has become much more than that. in my own opinion this would be something i would watch it seems realy awsome i would love this cartoon if it was one i would think its realy funny.

natalie barker
11/11/2012 11:39:11 pm

The competition for Title of worlds smallest Dog’ Heats Up!
BY: Meere Dolasia
This article is about a really small puppy that could sit on a spoon!
This puppys name is Beyonce the puppy is a Dachshund. “But before Beyonce reached that magic number, there came news of another contender, Milly. The Puerto Rican Chihuahua, that is older than Beyonce by a few months, was so tiny when born that she had to be fed with an eyedropper and at three months had only grown three inches tall”.
That’s not it a pooch from Jarocin, Poland when the puppy was born is onley weighted 1.58. All these pups need to be feed a lot because they onley eat a little at a time. One of the greatful owners sometimes misses work just to get some extra sleep.
These puppies are so cute. I wish I could have one.

Christian Dinwiddie
11/11/2012 11:41:54 pm

Disney has Mickey Mouse and other friends like Snow White and Cinderella. These are not cool to tweens and teens anymore. Burbank, California based entertainment has got better than that. In 2006 they got possession of Pixar Inc. which made the favorites of Ratatouille and WALL-E. Then in 2009 they took possession of Marvel Entertainment who made all the super heroes. On Tuesday, October 30th, they also agreed to buy Lucas Films which made Jaws, Indiana Jones and of course Star Wars. George Lucas is donating funds to schools. So kids can have better educations.

Sarah Kavanaugh
11/11/2012 11:43:26 pm

My artical review is on the artical "The Competition For Title Of 'World's Smallest Dog' Heats up!" By Meera Dolasia Dolasia on November 9, 2012.
Getting into the Guinness World Records is vey hard.The competition is very fierce right now between small dogs. The comeyition started with Beyonce- born in March 2012, the female Dachshund mix dog that wighed an ounce when she was born. She was so tiny she could fit in a spoon. She had to be bottle fed every hour because she couldn't take very much food at a time
The other compition was a small Puerto Rican Chihuahua named milly. When she was born she was so small thatshe had to be fed with a eye droper. At three months old she was three inches tall.
And there came more compition, her name was Meysi. Meysi weighing just 1.58 ounces when she was born. She was born July 2012. Meysi had to be fed with a syringe every half an hour.
But of course the compition wasn't over yet. Boo Boo, a six year old chihuahua weighs 1.5 pounds and 4 inches tall.

Promise Arnold =)
11/11/2012 11:47:58 pm

The Significance of Veterans Day
Yah, we all say because we have a 3-day weekend. But the reason we are having the 3-dayn weekend is Veterans Day. We all need to pay our respect and take a moment of silence for those who have served our country throughout the years. It doesn’t matter if it was armed forces, US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard. Armistice Day, it was first declared a holiday in 1938, to commemorate the end of World War 1, which happened at 11.am on 11/11/1918. Since then, the day, which was dedicated to the cause of 'World Peace' has always been celebrated on November 11th. In 1954, after the US had been involved in two other wars, World War II and the Korean War, the holiday was renamed Veterans Day, in honor of the veterans of all the wars. Many people are often confused between the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. While both honor our military personnel, the former is a day to remember and honor all the men and women that died serving our country in a war, while today, we celebrate all the living veterans who have served in the forces whether in peace or war. Some, like the United Kingdom celebrate it in honor of all soldiers, living or dead, while others like Canada celebrate it in honor of all living veterans. They also might call it different names. France and New Zealand still call it Armistice Day. In the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, it is dubbed Remembrance Day and in Malta and South Africa, it is called Poppy Day. we all can pay our respects. To show our respects to the brave men and women who sacrifice everything to make this world a safer place for the rest of us.

andrew barnett
11/11/2012 11:51:10 pm

Its not easy to git in the world records.the lucky winner was the smallist dog ever in the world.the four smallist dogs are first Beyonce 2 was Dachshund 3 Contender 4 Prestigious
coca cola phone doller phone

Emily livingston
11/13/2012 10:37:37 pm

My article is about the smallest dog heats up.First came Beyonce she only weighed one ounce she was so small she could only fit on a spoon.Beyonce was fed by a bottle when she was a puppy because she couldnt eat food because she was so small.When she was full grown she only weighed 1.5 pounds.the owner sent a picture of her to the records of the smallest dog.Chihuahua was born a few months after Milli ans she had to be fed by a eyedropper and she grew 3 inches tall.Meysi the yorkie kept her owner up all night she had to stay home to sleep.Chihuahua, Boo Boo she was 6 years old and she weighed 1.5 inches and 4 feet tall.she was so smart she new how to dial a phone.tuned to see which of these tiny cute pooches will win the coveted Guinness title.Their pooch wouldnt even leave left feild they are so smart.

Maddie Archer =)
11/18/2012 10:26:13 am

My article is “The Competition for Title of ‘World’s Smallest Dog’ Heats Up”. It was posted by Meera Dolasia. It’s tough to get into the Guinness book of World Records, but no competition has ever been as fierce as the one going on now- and it’s not even humans competing!! It’s these tiny puppies all striving for the title of the ‘World’s Smallest Dog’.

First is Beyonce, a dachshund mix that weighed only an ounce when she was born. She had to be bottle fed every hour because she could only take in little amounts of food at a time. Her owner was very certain she would steal the title of the smallest dog, and sent in an application right away, but the competition wasn’t that easy. There was another applicant- a Puerto Rican Chihuahua, who was a little older than Beyonce. This Chihuahua, Milly, was even tinier when she was born, that she had to be fed with and eyedropper. When she reached three months, she had only grown to be three inches tall.

And, the fun doesn’t stop there!! In July there was an even smaller puppy that weighes only 1.58 ounces. This pup is from Jarocin, Poland- her name is Meysi. She had to be fed with a syringe every half hour. Her owner said that this routine was so exhausting, that she sometimes slacked off and skipped work to get some sleep. Don’t forget, all three pups still have to compete with the current holder of the title, Boo Boo, who is only 4 inches tall and only weighs 1.5 lbs. So listen in every once in a while to see who might steal the trophy this year! You never know if there will be some last minute applicants…

I chose this article because I though these puppies looked so cute and I thought it would be interesting to know how tall and how much these puppies weighed. I learned that puppies can be even tinier than I imagined! I also learned a lot about the rules and standards of the Guinness Book of World Records. This will help me in the future if I have a tiny puppy that I want to enter in the competition, I will know the requirements in order to enter.

kale durr
11/25/2012 11:26:56 pm

3-D printers have come a long way since 1995 when MIT students Jim Bredt and Tim Anderson, modified an inkjet printer so that it extruded a binding solution onto a bed of powder, instead of ink on paper. Today, printed prototypes are used for things ranging from construction projects to Pixar characters and now it seems, even Agent 007 has discovered them! there is alot of beautiful cars in 007.

Christian Dinwiddie
11/25/2012 11:34:04 pm

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis the scientific name for a lung disease. That is the longest word in the world and is not found in a dictionary. While the reason they are not published or given any credence is because they are purportedly not 'real' words, it may also be because they are sooooo long that including them would require the creation of a stand-alone edition. Most people don’t know how to say it, but one person said it took him 3.5 hours.

Aaron Lund
11/11/2012 11:36:52 pm

My Article Review is An Elephant That Speaks Korean.

Elephants are known to do alot of stuff like walk on two feet but talk thats cool. I wonder if it can sing.

The elephant came to the zoo at five I wonder how old it is now.It can say te words by suffing his trunk down its throat nasty.

He can talk very clearly but its Korean so we wouldnt be able to understand it . But i wish I coiuld.

Samantha Peebles
11/11/2012 11:49:21 pm

Im writing about "The Competition For Title Of 'World's Smallest Dog' Heats Up!" I just love little dogs they are the cuttest so thats why im writing about this.i have had a Guinness World Record book before and only the most coolest and weirdest stuff that not just anyone can do is in their so im pretty sure its not that easy to get in one of those books!
This little dog named "Beyonce " was born on March 2012, this dog was a Dachshund yes she was a mix and almost weighed an ounce when born. She was so small when she was born she could fit on a spoon. This adorable puppy had to be fed once every hour because she could not eat alot at a time. At that time she was the smallest dog know well as they knew.
Well in July 2012 along came news of another even tinier pooch from Jarocin, Poland. This dog had to be feed every half hour day and night it was very exhausting. This dog was so frail i bet it was so scary trying to feed that little dog.
But of cource both of the tiny dogs still have to compete with the current title holder.

Brenda Reyes
11/11/2012 11:50:04 pm

My article reviewis aout the Compeition For Title Of 'World's Smallest Dog'. There are 4 dogs in the running but they may have a winner. A six year old Chihuahua, Boo Boo.Who was just 4 inches tll and weighed a mere 1.5 pounds. One of the three others dogs, Beyonce was born in March 2012.She was a Dachshund mixed dog that wieght almost a pound. She was sosmall she could almost fit in a spoon. Another dog, Milly, a Puerto Rican Chihuahua who was older than Beyonce only just bya few months. She was sotiny she had to be fed by an eyedropper. and at the months she grew three inches. "And, the saga does not end there - In July 2012 along came news of another even tinier pooch from Jarocin, Poland. Weighing just 1.58 ounces when born, tiny Meysi was so frail that her owner, Anna Pohl had to feed her with a syringe every half hour, day and night, a routine that was so exhausting that she sometimes skipped work to try get some shut eye."

3rd Hour (31)
11/12/2012 12:02:59 am

3rd Hour

Riley Cathey
11/12/2012 12:27:39 am

My article is about the elephant that speaks Korean by Meera Dolasia. This elephant is named Koshik that lives at the Everland Zoo in South Korea. He was brought there when he was 5 and was the only elephant there in 1995. The trainers only started to notice 9 years later in 2004.
It was only recently that experts anaylized the words and confirmed them as Korean. Koshik's vocabulary is only limited to five words that is ""annyong" ("hello"), "choah" ("good"), "aniya" ("no"), "anja" ("sit down") and "nuo" ("lie down")" that was put by the author. They think that he was so wanting to socialize there that he could only speak to his human friends.
Somehow he was saying the words by moving his trunk inside of his throat. The scientists think that he is only copying the words to be social. When Koshik speaks he does not expect the person he is talking to to roll over. He only wants to be social, which he has not been doing lately because he has a new female friend to communicate with.
I chose this article because I like animals and I thought it looked interesting. I learned that sometimes animals can be amazing learners. It added on to my knowledge in the Korean language. I may be able to understand why an animal is lonely and may want someone to talk to.

cody d #32
11/12/2012 12:33:49 am

I wrote my article review on the story of the smallest dog. The author is Meera Dolasia.
Some of the main ideas are of the three dogs I the compition. The first dog was Beyonce a Dachshund that weighs only about 1.5 pounds. The second dog was Milly a Chihuahua that at three months old was only 3 inches tall. The third was Meysi. She had to be fed every thirty minutes because she was so tiny. I chose this article because it looked interesting. It didn’t add much to my knowledge but it was a cool and fun article

Janessa Jensen
11/12/2012 12:29:28 am

There are 3 dogs competing for the holder of the worlds smallest dog. The first discovered was a dashound named Beyounce, she was so tiny when she was born she could fit in a spoon! Before she could beat the record then came Milly a Purto Rican chiwawa. she had to be fed by an eye dropper when she was born! thats not all another dog was called in named Boo Boo. she had to be fed by a sirenge because she was so small!

Cole Howerton
11/12/2012 12:32:32 am

Astronomy Fans And Scientists Get Ready For 2012's Only Total Solar Eclipse
By: Meera Dolasia

On November 14, 2012, scientists all over will gather to see the only solar eclipse of 2012. Sadly, this will only be seen in parts of Austrailia, areas of the Pacific, and ff the coast of Chile.

I think that watching the solar eclipse would be really exciting. It is a shame that only part of the world gets to see it. Complete solar eclipses are very rare.

Some people go their entire life without seeing a solar eclipse. In fact, solar eclipses are so rare that the next predicted solar eclipse for America will be in 2017! Even then, when you get to see it, they last aout 5 minutes.

I picked this article because I think solar eclipses are amazing. They are very rare, which makes this celestial event even more interesting. I hope I will get to see a solar eclipse some day!

Olivia T
11/12/2012 12:38:21 am

my article review is on The Competition For Title Of 'World's Smallest Dog' Heats Up! by Meera Dolisa

there are 3 dogs that are in the running there is Milly Beyonce, and Boo Boo. Milly is a Puerto Rican Chihuahua, Beyonce is a Dachshund and Boo Boo is a Chihuahua who is only 6 year old. Milly wasso tiny when born that she had to be fed with an eyedropper and at three months had only grown three inches tall. Beyonce was weighed a mere ounce when born was so tiny that she could fit on a spoon. even though shes healthly she is not expected to grow but 1.5 pounds. Boo Boo is just 4 inches tall and weighs a mere 1.5 pounds. "In July 2012 along came news of another even tinier pooch from Jarocin, Poland. Weighing just 1.58 ounces when born, tiny Meysi was so frail that her owner, Anna Pohl had to feed her with a syringe every half hour, day and night".

Caleb Little
11/12/2012 11:04:14 am

First came Beyonce a female dachshund mix dog that weighed a mere ounce when born in March 2012. The puppy had to be bottle feed every hour because it was so tiny it could only take a little at a time. The owner even sent a fast track application to the Guinness book of records to clam a title for Beyonse. However, the officials would not consider it until she turned one the age at which dogs are considered fully grown.

There was another dog before Beyonce was old enough called milly a Puerto Rican Chihuahua. that is older by a few months. When she was born she had to be feed with an eyedropper at three months. And was 3 in tall. The saga does not end their.

In July 2012 along came news of another even tinier dog named Meysi. her owner was named Anna Pohl.had to feed her with a syringe every half hour day and night. she even skipped work to sleep and feed it. Meysi weighed 1.58 ounces when born.

Of course all three have to compete with boo boo the title holder. Who is just 4n in tall. Weighs a mere 1.5 pounds. Which one of these tiny dogs will win the Guinness world record that is if know other dog appers from some were else

Kayla Mcnellis
11/16/2012 05:11:39 am

I chose to do my article review on “the competition for title of the ‘world’s smallest dog’ heats up! This article is about which dog is the smallest. If you look in the Guinness world records it will show the smallest dog. this is not easy ! The article is about that little dogs that are competing for the title of the world’s smallest dog.
First came Beyoncé- born in March 2012. A female Dachshund a mixed dog that weighed a mere ounce when she was born. she could fit in a spoon. She was bottle feed every hour on the hour because she could only take a little to eat at a time. Beyoncé’s owner tried to claim the title in the Guinness World Record book for her. They would not except it until she was one or in which a dog is fully grown.
When Beyoncé got the number a dog named Milly a Puerto Rican Chihuahua the was older than Beyoncé by a few months. She was so tiny she had to eat out of an eyedropper. Now that’s small! But that’s not where it ends….. In july-2012 along came news of another even tinier dog. Weighing just 1.58 ounces when born, her name was Meyis. She was feed with a syringe every half hour day and night. Now wouldn’t that be exhausting. Her owner had to sometimes skip work to have some sleeping time.
Of course they all are still trying to hold the title. I wonder who will win the title? So if you want to know you should look in the book of world records. They are all so cute! This is a good article and cute to.

Riley Earls
11/18/2012 11:41:30 am

My article review is on “ Scientists Create Transparent Soil To ‘Spy’ On Plants!” This article was written by Meera Dolasia. This article is obviously about crystal clear soil made by some
scientists! So here is a short summary of the article.

This soil was created by a group led by Lionel Dupuy at the Scotland University of Abertay Dundee. The dirt took two years to develop which is made of a composition of Naflon and a water based solution. “Naflon is naturally clear and is used in fuel cells, batteries, and a diverse range of devices.” Naflon has the power to allow plants to survive just like regular soil.

The scientists have all ready used the soil to study how deadly bacteria of E.coli interact with lettuce roots. In order to do so though the scientists had to insert a fluorescent green protein found in jellyfish into the bacteria. Turns out the bacteria forms colonies around the root and then mixed in with the plant. Once the scientists figure out how to solve this problem they can develop new and better ways to grow healthier plants!

I picked this article to write about because clear soil to me is pretty cool! Hey being able to see the plant’s roots is awesome! I mean how many discoveries could we make with clear soil. Does the darker soil help the plant some how? Or does the clear help better because it lets in more sunlight? We just don’t know. This information could help me when studying plants in science if we ever study plants. Sure hope the scientists get the transparent out to the public soon!

Hunter Wissbaum #3:)
11/12/2012 12:40:06 am

The significance of VETERANS DAY! I love Veterans Day it the best day to honor the people that have sacraficed there lives for our country. We all should love this day even if we dont have any body in your family you should still say thanks to people that u know that have servered in the war.Veterans Day has been called alot of stuff over the years Amirstice Day,Rememberance Day,Poppy Day,Commemorate Day,and Veterans Day.Now see a lot of names have been called that over the years.A lot of people think that Memorial Day is the same as Veterans Day but it is realy not Memorial Day is honoring the people that have died and Veterans Day is honoring the people that have or is still serveing that are valive.I really do think god for every thing he dose for us he realy is a hero that keeps us all safe .So if u see some Veterans or know some dont be afiad to say thank u for all u do for us and I hope u are safe over when u are fighting,THANK YOU FOR ALL U DO FOR US!!

Angel Salcido
11/12/2012 12:40:40 am

This is a summary about facts that are related to Veterans Day.
The only reason I picked this article is I also want to honor the people who sreved or died in the army protecting our religous freedom.

6th Hour
11/12/2012 03:17:45 am

28 students

11/12/2012 03:55:06 am



Briley Shockley
11/12/2012 03:55:31 am

My article review is written about The Competition For The Title 'World's Smallest Dog' Heats Up! written by Meera Dolasia. It is about people trying to see if their dogs are smaller than the ones in Guiness World Records.

"First came Beyonce - Born in March 2012, the female Dachshund mix dog that weighed a mere ounce when born was so tiny that she could fit in a spoon." The puupy had to be bottle fed every hour and was only expected to grow 1.5 ounces. Her owner didn't hesitate to send in her application to the Guiness Book of Records,but the officials would not consider the pup until she turned 1 year old.

Next was the Puerto Rican chihuahua named Milly, who was a few mnths older than Beyonce. Milly had to be fed with an eyedropper, and only grew 3 inches by the time she was 3 months old. Then came a pooch from Jarocin, Poland named Meysi who only weighed 1.58 ounces at birth. But it doesn't end there. A six year old chihuahua, Boo Boo, who weighs 1.5 pounds and is only 4 inches tall.

lance maloson
11/12/2012 03:56:46 am

It meat seem esay for us bu it is hard for little dogs our is it. First came Beyonce born in March 2012, the female Dachshund mix dog that weighed a mere ounce when born was so tiny that she could fit on a spoon. She needs bottle feed every hour for abounch of days.They allwas have to pay atenching.

katie clarke
11/16/2012 05:10:29 am

The Competition For Title OF ‘World’s Smallest Dog’ Heats Up!

This paragraph is going to be about dogs.
Also what I think about them.
I like some dogs!
Dogs are one of my favorite pets.
They can be fun sometimes.

There was this female dog born in March 2012 and her name is Beyonce.
She is a mixed Dachshund.
Also she was so tiny she could fit on a spoon.
At this point she is 1.5 pounds!
They had to have a book to know how to come her down.

Here’s another dog she is a Puerto Rican.
Her name is Milly.
She is older then Beyonce.
Then comes a tiney dog after that.

Cody Kee
11/17/2012 07:02:01 am

An elephant that speaks Korean by Meera Dolasia. That elephant can paint, wash a car, calculate math problem, and whistle. No mighty mammal can use there lips make human sounds. But a elephant in Korean can.
The elephant can do many things like paint, wash a car, calculate math problem, and whistle. This elephant know 5 words. Those 5 word in Korean are annyong, choah, anioya ,anja, nuo. Those mean annyong (hello), choah (good), aniya (no), anja (sit down), and nuo (lie down). It is creating a ruckus.
Scientist believes that the elephant was 5. When he was there seven years he was in despair. His trainers noticed he was speaking in 2004. He hasn’t been speaking much because he has a female companion now. And he was adoption. And his name is Koshik.
I chose this article because I thought it would teach me how to speak Korean. What I think about this article it is cool. I learned five words in Korean. If I need to know words in Korean I will know at least those five words.

$$$**_-+ Olivia Dill $$$**_-+%%%
11/12/2012 06:32:20 am

Competition for Title Of ‘’ World’s Smallest Do’’ Heats Up
By: Meera Dolasia
Dolasia writes that competing against others for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records has never been simple. But now owners of extremely little dogs are competing for the littlest dog, place in the book. Guinness judges are going to have a hard time picking the littlest dog for the book.
Beyoncé is a Dachshund that was born in March 2012. Beyoncé was so little when she was born that she could fit in a spoon! An ounce is all Beyoncé weighed when she was born. She was bottle fed every hour because she could only consume and hold a little at a time. She will not weigh over 1.5 pounds when she is full grown. Many people think that she is very likely to win.
Milly is a Puerto Rican Chihuahua. She is a few months older than Beyoncé and when she was born she had to be fed with an eyedropper. Milly was only three inches tall in three months.
Meysi is from Jarocin, Poland and she was born in July 2012. She weighed only 1.58 ounces. Meysi had to be fed by a syringe every 30 minutes (night and day) when she was born. Boo Boo is a Chihuahua. She weighs in at only 1.5 pounds and only 4 inches tall. I can’t wait to see who wins! It will be a tough one to decide because they are all so little. I say GOOD LUCK to the judges it’s gonna be tough.
I loved this article! I was amazed at how little dogs can be! I will defiantly be checking to see who one. As I said before Good Luck to the judges because they are gonna need it!

11/14/2012 09:35:43 pm

All raceing to get into the Guinness world records. Worlds smallest dog.theirs never been a competion so fierce as the curent one faced by4 small dogs. All raceing and dieing to get in. Worlds smallest dog heats up. How exciting who will it be.
A female duchshund mix born on march 2012. Mrs beyonce weighed a mere once when born. So little she could fit on spoon. She was so small she could only takein so much food she had to be bottle fed by the hour. She is now 1.5lbs and not expected to grow beyond. Her owner sent an application to the guinness book of records to claim the title. They would not concider it until she turned 1 at her fully grown age.
Before beyonce reached that magic number milly a puerto rican chihuchua. She is a few months older than beyonce. When she was born she was very little she had to be fed with an eyedropper. When 3 months old she was only 3 in. Tall.
In july 2012 a pooch from jarocin poland. She weighed 1.5 ou. When born. She was so frail she was fed with a shringe. Every half hour day and night she was fed. " it was so exhausting that she sometimes skipped work to get some shut eye".
A 6 year old chihuauua boo boo. Was only 4 in. Tall and 1.5 lbs. all three other dogs still have to compete with this current title holder. Boo boo is in the lead at least until another even smaller pooch appears from left field.

Chrissy Blankenship
11/15/2012 12:59:33 am

The Guinness World Record for the smallest dog is BooBoo. He weighs 1.5 pounds and is four inches long. He is six years old. He has some competition for his title. There are three contestants trying for his spot.
The first contestant is Beyonce. She is very tiny. Her owner could put her in a spoon. That is how small she was at the time she was born.
The second contestant is Molly, She is older than Beyonce. Molly is a Puerto Rican Chihuahah. She was fed with an eyedropper.
The third contestant is Jarocin. She is from Poland. She is a Meysi. She was so tiny they fed her with a syringe.
Every dog that enters the competition must be a year old. That is the age they are considered to be "fully grown". They are all very tiny dogs.

11/16/2012 03:38:39 am

The dog article was what i chose it was very interesting to me. I was very surprised at how small dogs can be. I honestly thought if a dog was that small it wouldn't be able to live but now i know it's possible for very small dogs to live.
Like I was saying before these dogs were very very small. I picked this article because it stuck out very much. To me this article was interesting to read about because it wasn't talking about politics or some of the other things that i think aren't very interesting. It actually was like my hand had been caught on fire that's how it was to me it was easy to me to want to read this article.
This actually was my favorite article. And to be a judge for that it would be like the old saying trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It would seem really hard to judge it because all these dogs were so very small none of them even looked close to a year old ether which is how old the dog has to be in order to be able to enter to be the true world's smallest dog.

Kristen Brawley
11/16/2012 03:49:02 am

The article I chose is called ‘The Significance of Veterans Day’. By: Meera Dolasia. This article is about Veterans Day. It talks about how we should thank our troops. It also talks about how veterans day became to be. It talks about how we celebrate veterans day for all the living and the ones who has passed on by war or by peace and the ones who have retired.
We celebrate all the veterans who are in the U.S Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. This day used to be called Armistice Day. This day became a holiday in 1938. Veterance Day was keen to the reason of ‘World Peace’. Then after some other wars like the World War 2 and the Korean War, this day was renamed Veterans Day.
Veterans Day is different then Memorial Day, but a lot of people don’t know that. Veterans Day is a celebration for all the veterans living or dead. Memorial Day is a rememberance of the veterans who have passed away because of serving our country in war. While a lot of other countrys commemorate this day also. Some are Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia , South Africa, and in Malta. Some of those countrys that celebrate this day call this day something different. Some call it the same thing as we do.
I chose this article for some different reasons. First I chose this because my brother is in the Air Force. I respect my brother for going into the Air Force. I also chose this article because a lot of my family has served in the Army. This information is important because when I get older I can tell other people why Veterans Day is important. In conclusion this is the article I chose.

Emmi Bailey
11/17/2012 09:47:52 pm

I am doing my article review on the elephant that speaks Korean. This is the first known elephant to speak a language. Most of them just paint,do math problems, wash cars, or whistle. The elephant can speak because their upper lips and noses are fused together, to form their trunks. koshik is a pachuderm who lives at Everland Zoo. He can say hello, good, no, sit down, and lie down in Korean.
''Scientists believe that the Koshik's adoption of the Korean language can be explained by the fact that when he was brought to the zoo at the age of 5 in 1995, he was the only elephant there - A situation that did not change for seven years until he was 12 years old. They think that his desire to socialize was so strong that the smart elephant somehow figured out how to speak the language of the only companions he had - Humans! While the trainers first noticed him imitating the words in 2004, it is only recently that the words were actually analyzed by experts and confirmed as the Korean language. That explanation seems logical especially given that lately Koshik has not been talking in his human language as much, because he now has a female elephant companion to communicate with.''
The scientist think the elephant is just imatating words. He does not understand what they mean. but it is still amazing that an elephant can speak some words. Thank you for reading my article review!!!

Austin Harris
11/18/2012 09:54:37 am

I,m doing my article on Why Darth Vader And Mickey Mouse May Soon Become Best Of Pals - By Meera Dorasia. California based entertainment has just became better.
In 2006 they acquired Pixar Inc. Than in 2009 they bought Marvel Entertainment. Now they are adding another studio to their list.
On Oct. 30th Disney agreed to buy Lucas Films, which had made movies like Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones for $4.05 billion USD. They are paying half cash and the rest with $40,000 Disney stock shares.
You might ask, why Disney paid them so much. One reason is that it is a money making business, such as video and movie sales. Second is that the Stars Wars Movies has earned in ticket sales $4.4 billion dollars by its' self. Disney knows what it is doing. They already are coming out with a new Star Wars 7 to be seen in theaters in 2015.
Disney has said, that Mickey and the gang will not team up with Darth Vader and the gang in any movies. That has to do with Disney keeping each company seperate, and letting each do what they do best.
The founder of Lucas Films, George Lucas, who is worth over $3 billion is donating most ot the money from the sale to help education. It's a win- win for us kids.
I wrote on this article, because I love Disney. There is no neater place to go than Disney. At Disney they do it right or not at all. I have gone to Disney in Flordia since I was six months old every year, Theirs movies and games are great.

Carolyn Alexander Hunter Wissbaum
11/26/2012 12:28:28 am

My article is about LG Electronics Creates Fake Elevator Floor. It so real that is scary. When you walk in the elevator the floor starts to fall and so it looks like you are going to fall threw, but its just white bords or something that is under it that falls so it really looks like your gonna fall. What would you do if you rode in that elevator?


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